What to do Muslims believe?

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   Islam, as a belief system, is very simple. There are no complicated rituals needed for one to be a Muslim. Simply put, a Muslim is someone who believes that:

– There is only one God. (To Muslims He is known as Allah)

– This God sent many messengers to humans, the last of these messengers is the Prophet Muhammad.

If someone believes the above, then that person is a Muslim. Of course this belief by itself does not make one a practicing Muslim, but it is sufficient alone to make someone called a Muslim.

Here are some other important beliefs that Muslims have:

– Muslims believe in angels. The angels are the same ones that the Christians believe in.

– Muslims believe in life after death, a judgement day, and a heaven and a hell.

– Muslims believe in Jesus. They love and respect him. They consider him a prophet of God, not God or God’s son.

– Muslims believe in in all books sent by God (Old and New Testament as well as other books)

– Muslims believe in Fate. They believe that everything that will happen has been written since enternity. However, this does not mean that people do not have control over their lives.

 Muslims do not have the right to judge other people. They believe that no human can judge another human being. They also do not have the right to force anyone into their religion.

You can notice that there is nothing extreme about these beliefs. Many of them are common in other religions. There should be greater repsect and understanding between  people of different faiths. Even people with no faith at all should not be judged.


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