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MMO’s has become a huge part of the on-line community. The ability to join up with friends and outwit monsters in a desperate effort to gain access to the most powerful treasure his gaurding is truly ground breaking. The bragging rights as one reach a certain elite level and the glory for being the owner of a set of equipment thought to be just a rumour. Some spend years developing their characters and the game that stands out among the crowd for grinding must be World of Warcraft. Guild Wars and even Maple Story ads a new genre to this style of gaming that is addictive and a fantastic social experience. Hundreds of these MMO’s are appearing all across the internet and most of them are free, believe it or not.


Sitting in front of a PC bashing and grinding away for glory, used to be considered an unsocial activity. They say gamers have no social life and the internet is murdering good open communication. It is in fact just the opposite and some gamers even have more friends online than most people had in their whole life time. My friend list is standing close to 2000 people and my family still calls me an unsocial freak. You can never convince the old genre that the world has changed and who you know is not what you know any more. The long drives to grandma and the picnic next to the river is nowadays a planned event that never works out properly thanks to global warming and it’s drastic weather changes. Thanks to Facebook we can actually stay in touch with everyone and find old faces amongst the new and reunite with a long lost love again.

Technology has improved our lives in many ways. Games is the modern world entertainment and what could have been considered a pass time for small kids has now turned into a cash cow and can be enjoyed even by grandpa. Looking back I remember a genre of games that never really got around to becoming popular. It’s a gaming community that surpasses the MMO world of today. Simply because it uses no mind boggling technology and is the most simplest of games on the market. All flavours are there and it’s as simple as clicking a link.MUSH_login_screenshot.PNG

 MUD and Mush games might be familiar to some hardcore gamers but many never really knew it existed. Games like Kings Quest and Hero’s quest games has kept the fantasy spirit alive among the rpg fans. MUD and MUSH games were the MMO’s of old. The concept uses a simple telnet software, already build into the windows package, and then connects to a server with it’s own world. The player register and generate his character and join the world with hundreds of people playing. There is however a trick to all this. MUD and MUSH games are all text base, no graphics or snazzy sound effects of sorts. It’s a rogue style game crossed with MMO adventure game books. It’s a mouth full but it’s the hours I used to spend on these servers that were so special.

So what’s so interesting about games that consists of just text and hundreds of creative goons relying on digital dice for the outcome of their whole adventure? Plenty. The human mind is the best place to find your comfort zone. When reading a book one seems to visualize the story better than actually watching a movie. The same goes for MUSH and MUD games.

These games used text to describe the surroundings and then provides option which the player may choose that can alter the whole game. Some MUD/MUSH games use a rogue style map with ASCII images to show the world. The choices one make in the game also effects the character and the world. The admins are always active in these games and updates is constantly added to the world. Some worlds have grown so much it’s easy to get lost in a matter of seconds. The great part of these games is that one don’t need a lot of bandwidth to play and there is hardly any downloads involved.

There is a difference between a MUSH game and a MUD game. There are other styles of games available but they all follow the same principles. MUD stands for Multi User Domain and these type of games are straight forward hack and slash. It’s the arcade version of World of Warcraft and the goal is to reach a high level and dress the character into apparel that will make the player the envy of the nation.

The word MUSH stands for Multi User Shared Hallucination. The name says it all. This type of game is similar to MUD games the difference is that MUSH gets the world, decisions, equipment and even combat systems sometime but is a lot more complex in how the story develops. This is where Dungeons and Dragons gets digital. The world has been created and the player has to pre arrange a RPG session with friends. What happens in this RPG session could be arrange before hand or is totally random. It’s never the same. Each player can change the story just be acting his character and pretending there is a situation. Stories are generated from this form of gaming which makes MUSH games a sought after title for table top gamers. Registering is also a lot more tedious as your creativity plays a big role on joining. You don’t want a troll on steroids in a world that has to stay in theme.

It is sometimes required to study the world and their races to really get into character. This type of gaming is a brilliant time killer once you get into it. The player also gains rank through a controlled system created by the admin and some worlds vary. What is mind boggling about these two styles of games is that it is still being played by millions of people. There is hundreds of worlds to feast on and each world is more unique than the other. www.mudconnect.com is the resource for all these games and lists thousands of servers. Some may be active and some might have died away a long time ago. The point is if you enjoy text based games and MMO’s you should consider joining one of the worlds available. Be amazed at how expansive these games are and most of them are and it doesn’t cost you an arm or a leg.


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