Jallinwala Bagh Massacre

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All this started 3-4 months after World War i,a british woman reported that any indian men molested her on streets of Amritsar then british goverment punished every indian walking on street by making them walk on there knees until blood start coming out.

Indian sikhs were unhappy on this behaviour of british goverment so,on 13 April 1919 they all gathered in Amritsar’s Jallin Wala Bagh for sikh festival called Baishakhi,to protest silently means without using any weapon againts cruelty of british goverment .Crowd was listening peacefully to the leader discussing prsent situation of the country and the state.

Then only a Brtish Genral named Genral Dyer reached the Jallin Wala Bagh with group of 50 soldiers,[Jallian Wala Bagh only had one entrance and walls were also very high about 15ft.,so it was impossible to climb at walls or run out from the entrance therefore it was impossible to escape]Genral Dyer ordered his men to fire unless their ammunation exhaust.

In about 10-20 minutes about 1800 rounds bullets was fired on running,terrfied crowd,who were unable to escape.

The people were packed so close that one bullet pierced body of about 4 men or woman,many woman even tried to save their life of jumping into the well in Jallin Wala Bagh but Dyer’s soldier’s not left well unblooded,they killed them all in well too.

Genral Dyer left the spot leaving 500 Dead and about 2000 Badly wounded and waiting for death.

Back in Headquarters Dyer reported that he have been confronted by a revolutionary army and have been oblidged to teach a morale lesson to punjab.

Dyer was promoted from post of BRIGADIER to MAJOR GENRAL.


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