Top 10 Fitness Model Diet Tips

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So you’ve decided that you want to be a Fitness Model , or maybe you just want to be in Fitness Model shape. Regardless of your end goal, experts agree that the most important area to focus on is Nutrition. Without proper nutrition it won’t matter how many crunches you’ve done or how fast you run a 5K; you will not achieve the 6 pack you dream of. Your time at the gym can be a waste if you haven’t implemented the Fitness Model Nutrition Tips listed below.

Ban the work ‘Diet’ from your Vocabulary: The word Diet indicates that your nutritional choices are only temporary. If you want to achieve Fitness Model Shape , you need to change your lifestyle so that you are feeding your body properly everyday, not just short term.

Eliminate or significantly reduce your alcohol consumption: I’m not saying you can’t have a glass of wine with dinner, just don’t have one (or three) EVERY night. Consider it a special indulgence instead of an everyday occurrence.

Cut out Canned Veggies: Canned vegetables may be convenient but they are filled with sodium which can cause bloating. If you must use them, make sure you rinse them well to reduce the sodium content. Frozen vegetables are an excellent alternative to canned veggies; they can be prepared quickly without sacrificing their nutritional content.

Watch for Hidden Sugar in Everything: Sugar is a common additive to make almost anything taste better. Watch out for hidden sugar in everything; including low fat fruit yogurts and other ‘healthy’ products .

Avoid Crash ‘Diets’ at all Costs: Crash Diets are not only ineffective for building a stunning Fitness Model Body, they are downright dangerous. Sure, you may lose weight, but you’ll also lose muscle tone. If ‘Diets’ are bad, then Crash ‘Diets’ are worse!

Sweets Are Treats, Not Meals: Fitness Models love ice cream just as much as everyone else, but they have learned that these should be treats. Don’t skip a meal so you can have some sweets and learn to enjoy your favorite items, in moderation.

Refuel After Each Workout: The best time to fuel your muscles is after a workout. Make sure you eat a snack that is high in Protein (include some carbs) within 30-45 minutes of working out.

Never Get Hungry: To ensure that you maintain quality metabolism functioning; eat every 2-3 hours (approximately 5-6 meals per day). You won’t hit the 3pm wall and end up indulging in all those sweet treats!

You’re Not Getting Enough Water: A common misconception is that 8 glasses of water is enough, it’s not!8 Glasses (64oz.) of water is a minimum, not a goal. For example: a 150lb woman (who is not working out) should be drinking at least 12 glasses of water per day. Increase your water consumption if you are working out.

Set Goals: So you’re having trouble making changes to your nutrition? Fitness Models suffer with their food choices too. Keep your spirits up by setting small attainable nutrition goals each week. Maybe this week, you’ll start by increasing you water, it’s one of the healthiest habits you can have!

Congrats on taking the first steps toward attaining the body and life you deserve.

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