311 – Uplifter Album Review

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“Whoa, amber is the color of your energy, whoa, shades of gold displayed naturally,” goes 311 in their song Amber. The group in a diversified genre that comprises of a bit of hiphop, a little of reggae, and a little bit of rock and roll, has established itself again that they are unique and unbreakable to categorize.  Uplifter, their first studio release since Don’t Tread on Me (2005), upholds their philosophical context of creating music that does not distinguish a specific genre. They have not strayed away from their authentic uniqueness in Uplifter.

Uplifter starts off with its first single, “Hey You,” where the dynamic riffs give way quickly to a smooth groovy reggae, then leads to a chorus guitar effect.

When you get through each track, you will find everything interesting as deciphering the difference from the rest. As you like “Hey You,” you would wonder if you would like the second track, “It’s Alright.” The sound, as we all know, that 311 creates is quite diversified in its own right, and it shows in this track.  The drums say much about the track but for me, it quite disappointing in a way because I find that the song was not really sang with that much passion I expect from the group.

What I will unquestionably point out as Uplifter’s masterpiece is “Golden Sunlight.” This song captures 311’s mellow side as it talks about a man aiming to be a good father and husband. The song particularly rides a sunny disposition, and a beat that has a heart full delivery

You would get to listen that Uplifter’s lyrics are tighter. They offer big hooks and strong beats.  “India Ink,” gets your head beating. The sitar solo in this track is definitely unbelievable; I love it!

“Something Out of Nothing,” is the hardest resounding song in this twelve-track compilation. The vocal harmony is at its best, courtesy of Nick Hexum and SA Martinez. However, there are some songs that I get disappointed listening to because of its lack of fire and passion from the vocalist. One good example is “Two Drops in the Ocean.” I believe that the vocalist is just as flat as he can get without Martinez. This is what I think.

On the other hand, Uplifter rocks! Bob Rock has managed to segregate the parts that make 311 special and bring its potential to its maximum level. The sound is different now; it makes you feel alive, more energetic, and has the mixture of strange synths in all its unique glory. It does not sound much as Amber but it bears much fresher and fundamental artistry than the previous albums they had. You can still enjoy the album as much as I did.



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