The Wall

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Subash is my name,

I am only just above three,

Recently I stepped into the portals of a school,

I have joined in Lower Kinder Garden,

My school is bigger than my house,

There are more kids like me in the school,

There are also many teachers,

All of them do teaching,

I carry a load of books and notebooks on my back,

All of them in my school bag,

At home it is my mom,

At school it is the teacher,

Both of them teach me always,

There is a compound wall

Surrounding our house,

There is a compound wall,

Surrounding our school,

Both of them large and tall,

It is meant to safeguard our garden at home,

But there is no any garden at our school,

Still they have a huge compound wall,

Ever since I joined the school,

I had one riddle to solve,

Why do they have a huge compound wall

Surrounding our school,

Is it meant to prevent trespassers?

Like men and animals,

As days gone by

I have solved the riddle for myself,

The wall is meant

To prevent our escape from the school,

Even then I wondered,

Is it necessary

To have so high a wall?

After all we are only tiny tots!


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