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The amount of Twitter users is increasing all the time. One thing you can do, to be more outstanding, is making your own Twitter theme. It’s really simple, even though not much people have actually made a theme.

Your Twitter is probably looking like this right now. The standard theme with a great lack of personality.


Start of by entering Twitter, click on “Settings” and then “Design”.



Here you’ll get the opportunity to choose between the basic Twitter themes. They’re not enough for us. Click background, and upload an image. The image will not be resized, stretched, cropped or changed in any way. This mean, your picture will probably not cover the whole background, and even though it does, there are probably people with larger monitors (greater resolution in fact) than you have. To make your Twitter theme look good in any resolution, use a background image that actually will look good just covering a part of the background and that has a solid background color.


Move on to the color-tab. As a background color, you want the same background color as the background image has. The easiest way to find the color, is by opening the picture in your favorite image editing software and then use the eyedropper tool. If your image doesn’t have a solid background color, make a gradient map on the borders for a soft transition.


Set the other colors to something matching. (Matching colors can be found with Kuler.) My tip is to use a lighter color for the sidebar, and darker for the text and links. Setting a light color as link color will make some links difficult to spot.

My jungle theme ended up like this. Note that the 1/6 to the right is just solid color.


Happy Twitter theming!


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