Hotel Weekend, and 3 Great Hotels in Kansas City to Checkout for a Hotel Weekend

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What is a Hotel Weekend

A hotel weekend is when you stay at an hotel for one or two nights, two to three days. You don’t necessarily have to level the city or town or state to do a hotel weekend, consider it a quick little get away from home. An don’t wait until the last minute to start planning or booking hotel, like the first of the weekend, for you want to get the most for your money, and most hotels cost between 100 something or more, if your paying 150 something for a room, get your one night and two days out of it, so book your weekend on Monday and not Friday or Saturday, so when your weekend come you’ll be spending at the hotel, and not spending time booking a room. Hotel weekend are a nice way to relax and get away, here are some hotels that might want checkout if your ever in Kansas City:

The Hyatt Regency Crown Center Hotel

The Hyatt Regency Crown Center is really nice an unique hotel. It has a very beautiful lobby and beautiful suites to stay in for a night or two, it has Wifi or wireless internet access I business center with computer( but I think you have stay there, for you internet hopper).

The Hyatt Regency Crown Center has quite a few restaurants, like The Peppercorn Duck Club which is more of nice upscale restaurant that serve rotisserie duckling, grilled veal chops, oven roasted rack of lamb and more. Then there is Milano it’s also upscale Italian restaurant with an casual feel to it, an it serves homemade pasta, pizza, fish, chicken and steak selection. Then if you want a club feel experience then there is the Skies and the Spectator’s Bar & Grille, and if you just want to be the pool for dining there is Poolside Dining, and in the morning go to the Terrace for breakfast, and there is also something for the children like Crayola Cafe which serve what the children like, like entree salads, pasta dish, chicken selection, and much more. Then there is room serve that run from 6:00am to midnight Sunday through Thursday and 6:00am to 1:00am Friday and Saturday.

Other thing that the Hyatt has is a 24 hours, daily fitness gym that has Life Fitness treadmill and cross trainer, Lifecycle upright exercise bike and more that you can expect from a gym. Than there is also YogaAway for those who choose to workout in the privacy of their spaces room can do so with YogaAway. YogaAway is a innovative system allows you to order a complete yoga workout from your in-room entertainment unit and there a variety of programs available from fitness, stress reduction and mental focus. Then there is the all-season pool and sundeck which you can come and relax free from the outdoors, and also a whirlpool and sauna to relax in and shopping near by too. So the Hyatt Regency Crown Center seem like a nice place to spend a weekend in if your in Kansas City, but you can also find Hyatt Regency in other state to, so check this hotel out for a hotel weekend.

Westin Crown Center Hotel

The Westin Crown Center Hotel also has a beautiful lobby with water falls in it, and beautiful spaces suites, and guest rooms, it also has Wifi or wireless internet in the lobby. It also is a very unique modern looking lobby and the way it looks on the outside very unique and different, very modern.

The Westin Crown Center has three place to dine at like Benton’s Steak and Chop House which serves mostly steak, for the more club feel The Brasserie Bar and Lounge which most cocktails, and when you eat and party all night and you want some coffee there’s The Brasserie which serve French inspired and American cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Other things to do at the Westin like go to the gym and workout, go jogging around the jogging track. Checkout their indoor whirlpool, and outdoor heated pool, and outdoor tennis court, get a tan on their tanning beds, and go shopping at the Crown Center which is connected to the hotel, and get your hair done, and much more to do at the Westin. Which makes it another great place to spend a hotel weekend.

Kansas City Marriott Downtown Hotel

The Kansas City Marriott Downtown Hotel is very beautiful and unique hotel with a beautiful atrium lobby and barney allis lobby, and it also beautiful guest room and suite with lot of amenities like cable and satellite TV, wireless internet, movies and more.

The Marriott Downtown Hotel has five great restaurants to choose from like the 12th Street Lounge which serve cocktails and light dinner, Lilly’s Restaurant which is fine dining and open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Pam-Pam Restaurant which is a casual atmosphere and serve breakfast and lunch, Coffee Kiosk which serve coffee and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and Lobby Bar Muehlebach Tower serve only cocktails an open for dinner.

The thing you can do at the Marriott Downtown Hotel are take a swimming in their indoor lap pool or workout at their on-site fitness center were you can work your cardiovascular system and work though muscle and if you want to relax though muscle after a long an hard workout you can get a massage or tan. It seem like another great place to relax and unwind for a hotel weekend.

What to bring on a hotel weekend

When packing for a hotel weekend you want pack lite, enough for two to three day, anymore than that would be like packing for a vacation, and this is not that. You don’t necessarily have to leave the hotel stay in and explore the hotel. I know in this article I talk a lot about Kansas City hotels, because is where I live, but I tried to choose hotel that you can find in any city, with the about the same kind of amenities, but if your ever in Kansas City come an check these hotel out. So pick a hotel close home and spend a weekend there and relax with friend or with family or by yourself just don’t tell anyone.

Well happy hotel weekend, much happiness Tamila


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