Seduced By A Vampire/ Part One

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Cynthia Tyler felt the breath catch in her throat when she spotted the tall, handsome young man enter the room. He looked incredibly sexy dressed in skin-tight black leather pants, a snug-fitting red silk shirt and an ankle length black silk cape. 

While pausing just inside the open doorway, the stranger casually removed his designer sunglasses and allowed his dark gaze to collide with Cynthia’s sparkling blue eyes. His penetrating stare caused her to blush slightly as he boldly swept his gaze over her sleek and slender body.

Cynthia looked stunningly beautiful wearing a long and flowing pink satin gown trimmed in delicate white lace. A small diamond studded crown sat atop her silky blond hair, which fell to her waist in soft natural waves. White satin slippers adorned her dainty feet and white lacy gloves covered her petite hands. In her right hand she held a pink jeweled wand with a tiny silver star at the tip.

Cynthia watched mesmerized as the young man strolled across the dimly lit room and stopped directly in front of her. He appeared exotic and slightly dangerous looking with his shoulder length raven black hair and eyes the color of a midnight sky. His body was well developed and rippled with bulging muscles that definitely spoke of tremendous strength.

“Hello,” the young man greeted with a friendly smile. “I hope I’m not intruding but I wanted to come over and introduce myself to you. My name’s Ambrose Xenon.”

“You are not intruding at all, Ambrose. I’m glad you came over to introduce yourself to me. My name’s Cynthia Tyler.”

“It’s a pleasure meeting you, Cynthia. You are looking lovely tonight.”

“Thank you, and it’s nice meeting you too.”

Cynthia felt entranced by the richness of Ambrose’s seductive voice. Its silky smooth texture ignited a burning desire deep within her body, one that she knew only he could fully quench. She became totally fascinated by his black hypnotic eyes, which radiated with passion so intense an unearthly red glow seemed to appear in their depths. Before she could react to the strange imaginings of her bewildered mind, Ambrose suddenly clasped her right hand in his own.

“May I have this dance, Cynthia?”

Yes, you may!”

Ambrose led Cynthia out onto the crowded dance floor and pulled her gently into his arms. She laid her head on his broad shoulder and breathed in the scent of his cologne while they danced slowly and sensuously together. Once the music had ended, they reluctantly stepped apart and stood gazing into each other’s eyes.

“Let’s step outside for a moment,” Ambrose suggested. “It’s becoming much too crowded and stuffy in here for me.”

“Yes,” Cynthia agreed. “I could use a breath of fresh air.”

Clasping her hand in his own once again, Ambrose led Cynthia out onto the deserted balcony. The cool refreshing breeze and the full moon shining overhead created the perfect setting for a romantic evening. The young couple stood holding hands while they gazed up at the bright stars twinkling merrily in the clear night sky.

“Look closely at the moon and stars, Cynthia. They seem to be putting on a special performance just for the two of us tonight.”

“I can see it!” Cynthia exclaimed excitedly. “The moon appears to be casting a brilliant spotlight while the stars are dancing in its beautiful glow.”

“This is the kind of night that’s created for lovers,” Ambrose whispered softly in Cynthia’s ear. “I’m glad that we’re sharing this special night together.”

“You are such a romantic man, Ambrose. The women must all love you.”

“I’m not as popular with the women as you seem to think I am. The women where I’m from have never thought of me as being a romantic person. Most of them hardly noticed me at all.”

” I can’t see that as being possible. You are an incredibly handsome and sexy man. It’s hard to imagine any woman not noticing you.”

“Thank you for the nice compliment, Cynthia. It makes me feel good to hear you refer to me as handsome and sexy. Those are words that I don’t hear very often.”

“Where are you originally from?”

“My homeland is Athens Greece.”

“Your name wouldn’t happen to mean Greek God, would it?

“No,” Ambrose replied with an amused chuckle. “My name means Immortal.

“Is there a Greek meaning for my name?”

“The name Cynthia means Moon Goddess in the Greek language.  With your beauty it is a very appropriate name for you, my dear.”

“Thank you, my handsome Immortal!”

“You are very welcome, my beautiful Moon Goddess!”

Ambrose opened his arms wide and gazed at Cynthia imploringly as if begging for her comforting embrace. After hesitating for a brief moment, she gave in to his silent plea and stepped willingly into his outstretched arms. She closed her eyes tight and sighed contentedly while savoring the cozy feel of his arms wrapped around her slender waist.

“This may sound strange to you,” Cynthia began, while staring into Ambrose’s piercing eyes, “but this night seems to have suddenly turned magical.”

“I can feel the magic in the air,” Ambrose replied softly. “I hope what I’m about to say doesn’t frighten you away, but I believe that we are destined to be together.”

“I feel the same way, Ambrose. I felt drawn to you the moment you arrived at the party. I wish we could be alone so we could have a chance to get to know each other better.”

“I would love to go some place private with you, Cynthia, but there’s not enough time tonight. It’s getting pretty late and I have to return home before daybreak.”

“Why do you have to be home before daybreak?”

“I can’t explain my reason to you just yet, but you will understand very soon.”

“Please, tell me you’re not married!”

“No, I’m not married, Cynthia. I’m very single and there are no women in my life at the moment.”

“That’s good to know.”

“I’m glad you’re pleased.”

Ambrose trailed his cool fingers across Cynthia’s warm lush lips and down along her slender neck. The rapid beat of her pulse beneath his fingertips was almost more than he could bear as he desperately fought to control his sudden hunger.

“Your neck feels so smooth and soft. I am very tempted to taste your enticing flesh.”

“Ah, Ambrose, you’re starting to make me nervous,” Cynthia exclaimed as she slowly backed away. “Oh my God!”

“What’s wrong?”

“It-it’s your eyes! They seem to be changing from black to a glowing yellow. It’s almost like you’re transforming into a real live vampire right in front of me.”

“It’s only the moonlight playing tricks, my dear. There is no need for you to feel frightened. I would never do anything to hurt you.”

“I’m so very sorry, Ambrose. I guess I just over reacted for a moment.”

“It’s okay, Cynthia, I do understand.”

Cynthia quickly lowered her gaze as she began to blush from the embarrassment. Ambrose placed his hand beneath her dimpled chin and gently lifted her face up, allowing her to see the raw hunger burning within his dark smoldering eyes.

“You cheeks are so rosy, my dear. I love seeing you blush.”

Cynthia swayed closer towards Ambrose, feeling totally captivated by the bold challenge in his hypnotic gaze. She stared yearningly at his full enticing mouth, which was only inches from  her own rose-tinged lips. She lifted her chin slightly and felt his sensual lips brushing against her own for just a split second. The delicate pressure of his brief kiss sent ripples of desire coursing all throughout her entire body.

“I have to see you again, Cynthia. Will you come to my house tomorrow night?”

“Yes! I would love too!”

“Great,” Ambrose replied and held out his business card. “This has my address on it. Are you familiar with the area?”

Cynthia glanced at the card in her hand and nodded. “I know exactly where you live. What time do you want me to be there?”

“Wait until after dark to come. I’ll not be there before then.”

“All right,” Cynthia agreed. “I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

To be continued…


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