Nothing of That Sort

Seeing her everyday in the cafeteria, library, lawn and the usual places one should expect her to be seen, never for once did I take my eyes of her. She appeared even more desirable trying the treadmill in the gym, never for once did I say enough as she ran an hour to reduce her curvaceous figure. Never did rage inside allow me to talk to her.

A mere invitation by her eyes drew me to her room. Tearing past everything and the darkness I looked into her eyes. She found a match-box exactly where it should be, lighting the candle miraculously perched up the shelf with it. She turned her head gently with her body facing the candle ,to find my hands placed gently but lovingly over her slender shoulders. I moved my palm gently from her shoulders to the tip of her fingers.

Boldly, but, gently I slid her lovely purple gown which I now noticed clinging on to her waist. I moved closer to her as the candlelight fell on her making things even more clear. My hands on her naked shoulders, I stared at her stunned “what the….”   “from where did these body hair come ?” My eyes spinning over the walls moved towards the door when the hard tap on it broke the silence.

Thump! I woke up when the train door opened with the flurry of passengers scooting to find their berths to complete the rest of the night.

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