Minority Reports

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Minority: a group of people who differ racially or politically from a larger group of which it is a part.

Why do the minorities complain? Minorities need endless attention wherever they aren’t supposed to be there. Never  did I think that I would be a minority.

The Situation

Moving to a new job means commuting to a different place five times a week. I chose to move to a place near my new work place, commuting 60 kilometers a day for 3 days proved stressful enough. I decided to move on a Sunday the first day of the month. A friend of mine suggested a place very near to my office, a place where muslims are the majority. Even if I let the minority thing go, the odor of cooked meat was repelling. The idea would be more repelling when the community you have been brought up in was mostly vegetarian.

The Experience

The entrance to the colony is designed with skinned meat on to the left and an auto stand. I never questioned why this 3 tyre vehicle is called “auto” and there are lot of things which I never questioned why should I question why  this one is called an “auto”. I moved all my belongings on a truck to this place and had a nice chit-chat on the way with the driver. In front of the building, driver says “yeh tho musalman ka ghar hai” ( meaning this is a muslim house) and the oddity is the driver is a muslim too. The epitaph outside the house written in Arabic/Urdu naturally means it is a house of a musalman.

Finding a place with marble flooring automatically increases the rent to Rs. 6800. Why not ? The broker says the owner expects return on investment. Did I tell you I have two doors to my apartment with just a few feet difference between them? If somebody needs to knock at my door, I have to check both these doors. I call one door my fire exit due to the reason that I never get to use it as an entry or an exit. The apartment has windows so low that anybody could have a sneak peek to what one is doing. Everyday I get up my neighbors close their windows, while I am gone they keep their windows open. The reason? Could be that they have seen me doing something they object.

The Caution

The house broker seemed to be a nice guy . He talked me into paying 6,800 rupees to rent the double entranced apartment with a bedroom painted pink. You got to appreciate his business sense, earns nearly 50% of the rent as commission. He even let me know as to why he could touch the hot light bulb. Learning boxing numbed his reaction to pain he proudly says and adds a bit of caution “for defence purposes only”. Are you afraid that you will be added to the probable terrorist list for dabbling with boxing a decade ago ?


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