The Asus 1000HD Eee Netbook PC: A Review

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It was bought by default (I was actually looking for an Acer), but I have to say I’m pleased. The 1000HD Eee PC has a 10″ LCD display (There are built-in magnifiers and instant screen settings. You can change the wording to big or small if and as needed.)
The color I have is Galaxy Black (That’s all the store had. There ARE other colors available; just not where I live!).
The cover’s shiny and has a smooth feel (or finish?); but you’ll have to wipe it clean at times, for it picks up fingerprints! But this is a very minor ‘sticking’ point.
I absolutely love the keyboard! It’s an ergonomic design, with a palm rest. It just feels so comfortable to use and operate. And I think my speed picked up!
Of course, this is Internet-ready, has 160 GB storage (hard disk drive), 1 GB memory, built-in speakers and microphone.
One of the really cool things about this computer is that it’s pre-loaded with a ton of radio stations in any genre (in the Windows Media Player). I love listening to Pandora, the Internet radio station where you can set up and program your own musical preferences, which then will program itself based on what you put in. It comes in crystal-clear! And within the Microsoft Works software, there are computerized databases and ‘planners‘ for trips, grocery shopping, events, etc.
There’s also a ‘document translater’ in here, which will change your document format to Word 2007, Word 2003, etc.
The built-in Wi-Fi will also let you know if there’s an open frequency network currently operating in your area.
This Asus: is Ethernet communication compatible, has a 1.3 MP Webcam, High-Definition Audio (fantastic!),, is WLAN compatible, has a built SD card reader (it supports both standard and high capacity SD cards). I’m not even sure what some of this means, but I’m impressed!
What I AM sure about is that I can still do all of my favorite activities, play my music and explore new options that I couldn’t do on my old laptop, and attempt to learn all the new stuff that’s on here.
Now what this model DOESN’T have is a CD-DVD drive, BUT there IS an outlet for an external device. So if you absolutely must use or have one, you can just attach it (I can still still use my old laptop for that).
There’s a 4-cell battery that comes with the 1000HD (once you charge it, it’ll work for up to 3.5-4 hours. Maybe more; I haven’t used the battery too much. It’s rechargable, but I’m trying to save it as much as I can.) And of course, there’s the User’s Manual. Read through this, learn the essential things, and then put the Manual away and work out things on your own. You’ll learn how to operate the machine faster and better! That’s my opinion.
The Windows XP edition is used (It’s what most businesses still currently use).
This Asus is compact and lightweight, weighing just over two pounds (If you’re walking even for just a few blocks, your feet, legs, and back will be happy campers. Trust me on this one.)

And I bought mine for a grand total of $350.00 (tax included!).


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