Cures for Insomnia

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Insomnia Cures

Insomnia or sleeplessness can be caused by many factors such as stress, change of schedule, mental illness, and alcohol or drug withdrawal. The first step towards treatment is to identify the underlying cause of insomnia (physical or psychological). In most cases, removal of this cause cures the insomnia. If you require further treatment, medicinal and non-medicinal therapies are available.

Types of Insomnia Cures

  1. Non-Medicinal Insomnia Cures usually revolve around changing your habits and lifestyle. Altering the sleeping environment so that it better induces sleep is also very helpful. Some of the steps used in this method are:
    1. Watch what you eat and drink in the hours preceding bed-time. Coffee, alcohol, big dinners, and a heavy stomach are all factors that can disrupt sleep, and must be avoided. At the same time, an empty stomach will also lead to interrupted sleep.
    2. Sleep in a calm and restful environment, and avoid too much noise and light.
    3. Stick to a daily schedule, and sleep for the same number of hours every day.
    4. Do not work or worry in bed. Maintain a relaxed state of mind when you go to bed.
    5. Exercise daily, as it can be conducive to eliminating insomnia.
  2. Medicinal Insomnia Cures include anti-depressants, over-the-counter antihistamines, benzodiazepines, and sleeping pills such as Lunesta. However, if you use any of these medications, it is recommended that you also simultaneously try the non-medicinal insomnia cures. Studies have shown that patients who try both methods of treatments have a higher chance of getting cured. If you resort exclusively to the medicinal insomnia cures, you may become dependant on the medication, and treatment may take a longer time.


You must see your doctor regularly to keep track of your progress. Keep the doctor updated with your sleep patterns after the use of the above insomnia cures. In many cases, more than one of the above treatments cures may be prescribed. All of the above insomnia cures may not work for different patients. It is important to work with your doctor towards finding the correct treatment for yourself.

Prevention of Relapse

You must adapt the non-medicinal insomnia cures into your lifestyle, and make them a daily practice. This will drastically reduce the chances of a relapse, and you can sleep in peace!


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