Look Beautiful in 5 Minutes!

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Makeup Tutorial

Every woman wants to look her best, but not all of us have the luxury of spending hours on makeup. This makeup tutorial shows you how to get that perfect look, with minimal time and effort.

Flawless skin

Beautiful, glowing skin is the first step towards beauty. In this section of the makeup tutorial, you will learn how to use cleanser, foundation, concealer, and powder to achieve a radiant visage.

  1. Clean your face with a cleanser.
  2. Apply foundation on your cheeks, chin, forehead, and jaw with a brush or your fingertips. Work your way out towards your hairline and down over your neck so that the application looks even throughout.
  3. In a well-lit room, check your face for a smooth finish after you have applied the foundation.
  4. Cover spots with a small dab of a concealer. Do not apply multiple layers of foundation over blemishes or spots, as this may result in an unnatural look.
  5. Use a powder puff or sponge to apply some powder over your face and neck, to get smooth-looking skin.

Amazing Eyes

Beautiful, bright eyes are very alluring, and they add that extra dimension to a woman’s beauty. For the following steps in this makeup tutorial, you need eye-shadow base, eye-shadow, mascara, eyeliner, and an eyebrow pencil.

  1. Apply eye-shadow base to your eyelids, to ensure a non-greasy finish when you’re done.
  2. Apply eye-shadow with an applicator brush. Neutral shades are always safe. You can experiment with bolder shades when you are ready. For a bolder look, add some gold or bronze shimmer.
  3. Apply a coat of mascara to your eyelashes. Once this is dry, apply another coat to further define your eyelashes.
  4. Define your eyes with a thin stroke of eyeliner.
  5. Use an eyebrow pencil to accentuate your eyebrows, working outwards in small strokes.

Gorgeous lips

Beautifully-done lips are a definite requirement on a well-done face. The following steps in the makeup tutorial show you how to accentuate and beautify your lips with lip balm, lip liner, and lip gloss.

  1. Apply a generous coating of lip balm. This will help the lip color stay on longer, in addition to protecting and moisturizing your lips.
  2. Outline your lips with a lip liner. Once the outline is complete, color your lips with the same.
  3. Apply lip gloss. Use a color that matches and blends in with the lip liner you used.

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