With the  release of the newest model of Palm called The Pre, expect the other super brands to come up with their own upgrades to maintain its dominance in the market. Palm is back with this new model boasting of a new operating system called palm webOS. If you are familiar with the older Palm treo, then you will know how user friendly the operating system of Palm. But the webOS is far better and smarter.  The new OS offers better search access to Google, Twitter, Wikipedia, Facebook and other Google powered search engine.  The Pre can open and maintain multiple applications unlike its competitors that tends to hang and auto restart.  The  Pre looks more like the iPhone 3G or the iPod touch video with its large touch screen display, but it goes further with its multitouch system’s ripple effect  like you have never ever seen before in any touch screen  phone.  It also has a  slide out qwerty keyboard for faster sms and data input. The built in accelerometer auto rotates the screen from portrait to landscape mode for better video viewing and internet surfing.  The 3 mp camera, just like the iPhone cannot make videos, but at least it is mms capable.  The internal memory of 8gb is nice, but without the external backup like a memory card can be a minus.  Over all, i can see the Palm Pre uses better operating system than the iPhone 3G. The Pre is only available with Sprint. But the smart phone war rages on as Apple launches its iPhone 3.0 application upgade for the iPhone 3G. And of course, the release of the iPhone 3GS.   Lets see if Palm can reclaim its lost glory, being the mother of all smart phones and PDA of the world.

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