Fiat Grand Punto: Now in India

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It was a time when people were enjoy to see Old Fiat cars but soon the magic came to an end and it seemed that the company has gone out of India. But this Italian Auto giant has something else in mind. They have come back to India and now they are trying to do whatever is possible to make a presence in Maruti Suzuki oriented car market.

Few months back they launched a sedan car, Linea in India, a well designed car was launched on a very competitive price. Now they have launched their one of the best design,

Fiat Grand Punto.

It is a premium hatchback car, which is released few days after the launch of Honda Jazz. What they did this time, a competitive price tag, which they also did with Linea.  It looks macular but a sporty one.

Fiat has now understand that Indian market needs a product which has quality but at the best price. They have launched it with Fully Integrated Robotized Engine ( FIRE) petrol engine (1.2 and 1.4) and 1.3 multijet diesel engine and Fiat claims that these are Euro 4 ready and environment friendly.

Some Other Information

Unique CAN bus system with 7 micro-chips – no conventional wiring in this car.
1.2 FIRE (Petrol) engine: 68.2 ps @ 6000 rpm and 95.75 Nm @ 2500 rpm.
1.4 FIRE (Petrol) engine: 90ps @ 6000 rpm and 115 Nm @ 4500 rpm.
1.3 Multijet (Diesel) engine: 76 ps @ 4000 rpm and 197 Nm @ 1750 rpm.

Available price info for the Fiat Grand Puntu in India at Delhi.

Grande Punto Active (Petrol-1.2): Rs. 3.99 Lakh.

Grande Punto Dynamic (Petrol-1.4): Rs. 4.66 Lakh.
Grande Punto Emotion (Petrol-1.4): Rs. 5.06 Lakh.
Grande Punto Emotion Pack (Petrol-1.4): Rs. 5.61 Lakh.

Grande Punto Active (Diesel-1.3): 4.85 Lakh.
Grande Punto Dynamic (Diesel-1.3): Rs. 5.16 Lakh.
Grande Punto Emotion (Diesel-1.3): Rs. 5.56 Lakh.
Grande Punto Emotion Pack (Diesel-1.3): Rs. 6.11 Lakh.

Fiat has its showroom tie-up with Tata motors and they are selling their cars with the vast network of Tata Motors.


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