PAPA! A job for me, please! brotee mukhopadhyay

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PAPA! A job for me, please!

brotee mukhopadhyay

It is an old tale and a tale of your sons. We have always been as we are being seen now and you have always been as we see you at present. We see you tired with anxiety, with an anxiety for us, that is, for what we will do or will be able to do for our survival is the thought that do occupy your mind always. Sure. We have never learned how to manufacture refills or candles or food chips or any such thing which may be sold and which after a sale or two may provide us with confidence and definitely with some money.

Yes, we have never been in that group of brilliant students in the class so that a part of your hard-earned money could have been snatched by the private tutors or coaching centers to prepare us for facing the joint entrance examinations and thereby to change us to engineers or any other professionals where an engagement of four years and a little learning would have been enough for a sure job with a pay-package of 1.8 to 3.1 per year. That we have failed to establish ourselves as brilliant ones in the class is a fact, unfortunately. Because of such disappointment you did not dare thinking of shaping up our future careers. It is sad that we have deprived you from such pleasing day-dreams and that, on the contrary, have burdened you with huge depression.

Look, papa, it is an old tale and a tale of your sons. A few of our age-group have left the school like us and like us only, owing to noticeably poor results in the twelve-standard final, have failed to get admitted into any college for higher studies and waste more from the purse of their papas. And, unlike us only, they were confused by some advertisements published in the national dailies and displayed on the walls of our tiny city and they decided to learn abc of the computers (software, hardware, C and C++ and java and something more) and spent some money and a few years to find themselves placed in an ocean where jobs are not fewer and not easily be offered by anybody. Now you will watch them running from pillar to pillar with beautifully prepared CVs in their personal files.

We have been cleverer and simultaneously more worthless. Look, we also have a set of mobile phone which your generous heart could not but present us and which we actually use for no other purpose save some occasional and monotonous chat with a few girls of our age whose papas are also as ill -fated as you are in this single life that you have been given by Providence. We simply do not do anything. Or, what we do, that is, undoubtedly well for nothing. A few unfortunate boys and girls of lower class have, by mistake, accepted us as their teachers. True to speak, such mistakes are committed by their low-profiled papas only. The little amount we get from this job, if one can call it a job at all, are always ready for the local shops selling cigarettes only.

Remember, papa, how you did get a job in your youth. We know. One of my classmates has not even finished his school and yet he has a motor bike and a Nokia N-series and enough money to swell up his purse always. Simply he was placed in his papa’s chair in the shop where glass substances are sold. And you do know how brittle the glass is. Days have changed. You cannot do what our grandpa could have done. You cannot place me in your chair, a very humble chair in your office. You have been paid less throughout your life although you have been and are still today sincere in rendering services more than what is required. In our country a peasant’s son goes straight to the field to be familiar with the crops and a carpenter’s son is introduced with the wood and a cobbler’s son with the awl. Tell me, papa, if anything has been left for me.

I have been sent to a school and I have been, you will definitely agree with me, an obedient child. I have been asked to learn three Rs and some other things and I have tried as per my ability. I have been gentle and calm and undoubtedly timid as the society desires. I cannot remember I have ever dishonored anyone senior to me. Tell me, papa, if anything else could have been done by me.


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