For Non-Violence at Least For a Century

For non-violence at least for a century

brotee mukhopadhyay

A student of history may conclude that we have been engaged in feuds and fighting from the days unmemorable or that we have so far been engaged in battles only. In the ancient Vedic text of the Rik we find the name of one Rajon (a king). He has been depicted as one king busy in battles against ten other kings. The ancient epics of India or Greece have vivid description on the preparation, occurrence and consequences of number of battles.

The epics are filled with the tireless activities of the powerful warriors of the old days and use of different kinds of arms and use of a few animals for the battles, and of course, use of the techniques for the purpose of the battles of the day. Then from the Romans to the Indians, from the Chinese to the Arabs, and from the British to the Americans, and in this way from the old days to the modern times, all over the world, we have sad experiences of loss of life and property thanks to our services in favor of battles and wars.

And we have glorified these thousands and one endeavors in connection of wars that have been directly responsible for the unbelievable misery of mankind down through the ages. We do award the successful war-heroes; we do acknowledge and honor the best-selling war-story writers. We do admire and add millions of dollars to the bank accounts of those who develop more and more sophisticated killing machines, almost regularly. We glorify our statesmen or political leaders who, sometimes, are nothing less than notorious war-mongers. These men are highly regarded for their contributions to each and every victory in any front.

These are the most visible faces of our addiction to violence I do dare utter. On the other hand, one can easily notice the presence of violence in one’s everyday life, and again I do dare utter, in every sphere of life and activity. Our experiences will not be at all different if we look into the matters of an educational institute where children are monitored to get developed for rendering services to the state or nation when they will grow. There is hardly any natural means of imparting knowledge or of raising the urge for knowledge among them. Rather the procedures adopted and practiced are coercion or more than what we know as coercion. Presence of force is not hidden anywhere. If I go to the market the enhanced prices of all commodities will attack me as if by some finely chiseled instruments.

Our administrative or political institutions are built up in such a way that they will demonstrate violence from the core and in variable degrees but invariably. In the family we know only one way to nurse the children and that is to tame the incumbents according to our short-sighted necessities. We always use force against their natural instincts without paying attention to what damage are done to whom. These all result in huge bleeding in life and society. Any new aspiration is designed to suit this order and we expect our tomorrows will be no doubt better, but we soon realize that shape of the things is not going to be changed.

I stand here humbly for a while and like to disturb me with a question (what man has made for man?). Astonishing performances of mankind in the area of reason and also in the area of faculty down the ages can never be ignored. True. What, nevertheless, has disallowed us to practice non-violence in our life and society? We have really noticed the emergence of one
Buddha or one Jesus or someone else, and their emergence is caused as backlash to the prevailing tremendous violence of the then societies. Not that our thoughts and actions do not like to be guided by our sincere love for mankind, at least for some fortunate time, and not that we do not feel comforting and pleasing when we are blessed with love and non-violence, and again not that we have not marked this.

Gandhijee in a very recent time has essayed to practice theoretical non-violence in a very wide area with confidence and success although his attempt may have yielded limited fruits. One should think and rethink if we really accept and reshape our life and activities with the magic wand of non-violence. We have been practicing violence for thousands of years. Will we once for all give a chance to non-violence with patience really and wait for a century at least? Me think some windows will be opened to make us feel good at last and at least to favor us.

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