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I brought a pair of an art work from the gallery, three months ago. I really love this thing cause it was given or a gift from my father. I really this item cause it symbolized of my family. Its gives me a peace of mind, when I looked it. The color and textures of this art is the one that I really love most. As those days passing by, my item became faded it color and it looks like an old stuff. It has a mold lining front and back of the frame.So I do a research and asking an advice from my friend, on how I will preserve the art work that I kept from the day I brought it. And I thanked all my friends who really have a good advice. So I post this as content. As all you would know.

Here is the tip on how to store and care for your artwork:

  • Frame it properly. Framing art work, especially prints, can protect it from the elements and sometimes pollution. Some specialty framing stores offer acid-free matting, which also helps prolong as piece’s life.
  • Stay away from the sun. Direct contact with the sun will cause pigments to discolor and fade, so hang your artwork in an area where sunlight does not fall at any time of the day.
  • Keep it dry. Excessive humidity, especially in a place without air circulation like a basement or attic, will cause molds of foxing (brown sports) on the paper. Display your artwork in a dry, well-ventilated room.
  • Store it front to back. To protect your paintings or prints when moving, always gather them front to back— the fronts should never be in contact with each other, especially with unframed oil and acrylic canvases.

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