Home Gardening

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Your health is determined by what you eat, so goes the saying. How often we tend to take this saying for granted and just let in junk food down our gullet. Good food and balanced diet is the best tonic to good health. What more with various chronic illnesses that affect us during the course of our lives. Perhaps the best way to a better solution to our health is our ability to prepare our own home garden. In order to prepare a good home garden, we should; 1. Make good beds with soils well fed 2. Make a good separate nursery bed with seedlings always ready 3. Buy and keep a variety of crop seeds, vegetables, legumes and root crops 4. Keep at hand appropriate fertilizers and pesticides 5. Maintain a good compost for good organic manure 6. Keep and consult literature each time you tend to your garden. Growing and producing your home garden crops takes great patience, from the time you put the seed in the ground and the wait to see the first shoot pop out. In producing your crops in the home garden take note of the nutrient value of your crop. For example the carrot’s contribution to your sight, and those tomatoes, such amazing plants should be part of your favourite diet. Love the feel of the soil, tend it, feed it for the fertility adds value to the quality of your crop and the fruit it will produce, which goes a long way in taking care of your health and your longevity. So, if you have that piece of land, why not begin today to work hard on preparing and producing healthy crops in your home garden for the ultimate good of your own health.


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