My Holiday Expereince

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I and my family got up to a religious place in uttrakhand in India.

How to get there:- If you are a foreign tourist firstly take plane to new delhi,then you have to take plane to LUCKNOW(U.P)then you have to take a private four wheeler rented car as no transportation except that is available.

If you are and indian take same route in case of airways and if you are travelling through railways as i did take a train to uttrakhand.

Holiday Spots To Visit There:- Religious spots like Kedar Nath,Badri Nath,Hanuman Chati that may sound quite amazing to englishmen but donot worry that’s all name of places in hindi,so place name cannot be translated.

Many prayags(River Mouth)of indian rive start in thos mountain valleys and they are worth to be watched namely:-

Dev Pryag


Som Prayag etc.

As these rivers have fast currents facility of white river rafting is available here so if you have a strong heart than you can try that also.

From all temples there temple named Kedar nath and Badri nath is most famous and many bollywood stars,Indian poltician,foreign delgates pay visit to these temples as they are very sacred and holy according to Hindu religion.

If you are rich you can afford helicopter to get to the temple,if you donot want to walk,or take horse ride.

That is not too expensive,it will cost you 25000INR that means 500USD per person.

Many volcanic streams are also prsent there which have 24hours hot water due to volcanic energy.

Medical care should be taken as place cold and it can rain untimely.


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