A story about the bunny who was castrated….

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When you buy a male rabbit, sometimes it will be recommended to have them castrated when they are a few months old, however, many people wont go ahead with such an operation, mainly because they think it’s unnecessary (particularly if the rabbit is not going to be living with females), cruel or simply too expensive. I held the same kind of opinions when I bought my bunny last year. He was adorable and extremely friendly, however, once he hit about 6 months he became a bit of a terror! He was a house rabbit so when we got in on an evening he would be allowed to spend the night running around the front room….issue number one was that he would poo everywhere! His favourite spot was on the sofa itself. We had no option but to lock him in his cage to try and prevent it, however, as soon as he was back out again he would do the same again. It eventually got worse and my beloved bunny would pee all over the sofa! It was beginning to get EXTREMELY irritating, as Im sure you can all imagine. Moving on…the rabbit then started to, and to put it as politely as possible, ‘hump’ one of his toys and not a cuddly toy, Im talking about a solid plastic ball that was used to store his treats (he was meant to roll it around and the treats would be dispensed). A few weeks later he’d began to hump a little toy rabbit that usually he usually liked to sleep next to. He started purring when he was near the toys which was rather cute, however, the humping had to stop! I mentioned castration to my boyfriend who said that he thought it was cruel and he wasnt really doing much harm. Eventually, the poor little bunny started stamping his feet, possibly through frustration and this was the final call so I booked him into the vets.

He went in on the morning and the vet asked me to call at around 2pm to check he had came through from the surgry without any trouble. I would then be able to pick him up later in the afternoon.  I felt terrible when I left him; he may only be a bunny but I adore the little bugger! Anyway, 2pm on the dot I called to check he was ok and they confirmed he was absolutely fine. I picked him up later that afternoon and popped him into his cage to rest. The next day he seemed full of life so I let him out for a while and he hopped around like nothing was the matter! A few days later, however, I caught him humping his soft toy and wondered HOW?!?!?! I was then informed that it would take up to a week for the hormones to leave his body.

Moving on….he made a full recovery and since his operation does not hump his toys, rarely stamps his feet, is a lot more placid and more importantly is 100% toilet trained!! He is now out of his cage the vast majority of the time, even when nobody is around (the space he has access too has no wires etc) and he is the most lovely, adorable pet I could ask for….apart from now he wont stop eating carpets….I guess he’s never going to be perfect!


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