Becoming Safe on Social Networking Sites

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Staying Safe on Social Networking Sites


a) Don’t reveal too much information.  Social networking sites are used by criminals to spam emails and attack companies and individuals alike with the use of sophisticated technologies.

b) Be on alert of spam messages.  They can be some crooks out there waiting to get information on their next victim, mentioning you by your first name and the names of your children.  They could also get access to business information.

c) Promote education.  Social networking sites are attractive to everyone especially children. So parents must educate  them about staying safe online.

d) Have a good reputation.  Whatever you post on your profile page or other forums remains within the wide web long before you got out of the site.  You may have uploaded photos or other wild stuff and suddenly you want to delete them but  sadly they may have been copied by someone else and distributed much to your dismay.

e) Search the web for security issues on social networking sites

f) Guard against threats by installing antivirus and antispyware to prevent spreading of worms to your network of friends. Also its important to update your browsers and OS patches. Importing video clips and  third party add-on applications can be a way by which virus writers to insert their codes into networks such as a web site in Brazil that infected 655,000 users last year.


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