Is Mediterranean Diet Healthy For You?

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Mediterranean diet is healthy food, but you have to eat it in portions. Mediterranean diet prevents the prosperity diseases, especially heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and overweight. And many of us know, the virtues of the Mediterranean cuisine reside in the selection of its basic elements: fruits and vegetables, grains, fish and seafood, olive oil and red wine in moderation

Looking at how much and how often you eat, counts If you have made the decision of eating healthy and according to the principles of the Mediterranean diet, no matter how close you follow this diet, all the potential health benefits will be lost if your portions are double of what they should be. Why? Because portions such as the ones we are used to in the United States lead to obesity. And obesity leads to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, the same chronic diseases Mediterraneans have avoided for centuries thanks in part to the adequate portions they eat or drink. So, how do you know what is considered a “normal” portion?  

You can check the different servings for meats, grains, fruits and vegetables, fat, etc. that are adequate for you and your family. The portions are based on ages and genders. Remember that there is a difference between a portion and a serving. A portion is how much you choose to eat, at home, at the restaurant, or from a package.

A serving is a standard amount set by the U.S. Government. Usually our portions are much larger than the servings recommended by the Health authorities and that’s why we end up gaining those extra pounds. Keep also in mind that you need to be a role model for your children as they need to get used to eat adequate portions to prevent overweight. A lean child would most likely be a lean adult and chances are a healthy one. You want to get your money’s worth when eating out Restaurants want your money and the way to get it is to serve you very large plates with a lot of food and a “supersize” soft drink. In fact, many studies show that the more often people eat out, the more body fat they have. So, what can you do when at the restaurant or at the fast food place?

• When presented with a too large portion, before even getting your teeth into that tasty food, ask the waiter to take half of it and save it for you in a doggy bag (in the refrigerator, of course) until you leave. • Share your meal with your fellow diners.

• Do not order supersize soft drinks. It is true that large sizes only cost a few cents more but you get a lot of unwanted calories (A 12 ounce can of soda has the equivalent of 11 teaspoons of sugar and 150 calories. You can do the math for a 32 ounce soft drink).

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