How to Get Start Your Exercise Program?

Benefits of Exercise

If there was any magic potion which improves health & fitness levels, prevents diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome or heart disease then it has to be a regular Exercise regimen. Its a proven fact that human body was meant to be used for physical activities.

Just like iron rusts when not used or exposed to harmful agents, your body weakens when not exercised. Your muscles undergo slow atrophy as they feel they are uninvited visitors.

Now coming to the fitness benefits of exercise. Who doesn’t want a body full of energy and vitality, beaming with self-confidence, excited for the day coming ahead? If you do not believe me then just look at people who arise early and jog or weight train and you will see how active they are. Gone are their nagging body pains and they are active throughout the day. Best of all give the fitness tips below a try for  a week or two and you will see the difference. The Best ways to Exercise

Muscular fitness is what you are looking for. This term involves muscular strength, muscular endurance and aerobic conditioning. You need not only the strength but also the heart to help you get going all day long. What good use are your lean muscles when you hardly catch your breath!

Muscle Strength

The best way to develop Muscular strength is weight training using either your bodyweight, Dumbbell/Barbell Gym exercises or Kettlebell Exercises.

Aerobic Conditioning

This is the heart of the matter. Any activity which raises your heart rate and sustains it for a minimum duration of 20 minutes is considered aerobic.

Although weight training does increase your heart rate but the activity is not sustained and therefore is not an ideal aerobic activity.

The best aerobic exercises are walking, running, treadmill workouts, cycling and Stair climbing.

Pick Exercises you enjoy

Although I would recommend a combination of Dumbbell Gym Exercises and any of the above aerobic activities, at times you may want a change from these activities.Instead of trying to continue these activities you can take a much needed break and do anything you enjoy.

Nutrition is all the more important

Its a popular myth that if you are exercising then it does not matter what you eat. In fact when you are exercising eating becomes more important. Proper nutrition and rest will ensure that your muscles and heart are ready for your next workout taking your fitness levels from peak to peak.

  • Eat a carbohydrate and protein rich breakfast.

  • Eat more protein. It builds muscles and burns fat.

  • Keep your craving for cakes and ice creams to once or twice a week but don’t diet and forget to treat your self either.

Take a multivitamin today. Don’t postpone it anymore. From my experience the vitamins at the nutrition stores are no much better than those at the  grocery stores.

Getting started today

Now that you have a got a physical fitness passed, have learnt how to incorporate your fun activities and got some sound basics in nutrition, you are ready for your actual exercise program.

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