Review of the Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Eusing Registry Cleaner is a freeware Windows registry cleaning utility. It is a download of approximately 1 MB. It installs easily and offers a choice of what directory to install it in. It also comes with support for 30 different languages, which is chosen during install and can be changed later from the language menu.

It asks user to register and donate at startup but while the screen is annoying this is not required to use any features and can be skipped by clicking the appropriate button. It is not visually appealing; it uses link text instead of buttons and menus that look like those from Windows 98.

However, the interface is simple and intuitive to use. It cleans the registry in two steps, the fist being a scan. The scan was quick when I ran it; the found errors are displayed and you can unselect those you do not want repaired. It repairs all selected issues after the “repair registry issues” button is pushed and I experienced no trouble from its repairs. Eusing Registry Cleaner also automatically creates a back of your registry before beginning repairs so that changes it made can be reversed if problems arise; this is an important safety feature. Backups can also be made manually through the file menu.

Overall, it is an extremely powerful utility for a free product that provides all the functionality necessary for the average user to maintain a clean registry with the minor annoyance of the nag screen. It is a small download and comes free of any bundled software.

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