buying an art work

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There are no wrong purchases when it comes to art. But before you begin, find if you’re buying what you really like.

  • Educate your self. Swing by a few museums, go gallery hopping, and train your eye to pieces that are significant to you. This can help you discover what you like and don’t like.
  • Go with you got. An intuitive reaction to artwork is crucial. But together with a lump in your throat or tears in your eyes, you also need to square off that original feeling with a pleasant image in your head.
  • Go for quality, not volume. It’s better to buy one piece you really love than 400 pieces you may not care about. Looking at a work of art should only make you happy.
  • Haggle. Don’t be afraid to negotiate a discount for a painting at a gallery, or volunteer to pay for it over time. You are a client and galleries need people like you.
  • Don’t rush. Take an autobiographical approach to collecting art. Life, after, all, is all about personal evolution. Consider the pieces you acquire as signpost of your evolving taste along the way.

As what my experienced when purchasing an artwork you have to choose it wisely. And be aware of those faked thing, so that their will be no regret and wasting of money. We are on economic crises. We have to be in mind that this is thing is really need into our house or where  it you willl placed it. Good luck guys.


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