A story of a Forex signals provider

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The beginning of my trading was quite usual. There was no sufficient finance for opening the real account, and the degree of my knowledge of Forex trading was not up to the mark. So, I have opened the demo account and began to train. The first emotion was a passionate desire to open the real account as quickly as possible in order to start earning millions not only by trading, but even by giving profitable Forex signals, because the first trades on demo brought me large virtual profit. Certainly, there were some doubts in honesty of the dealers, but, having made a number of experiments, I began to think, that trading on the demo account and on the live one is just the same. That was my first and great mistake. I tried to use different Forex signals and trading strategies, and finally I came up to creation of my own system. The more theoretical literature on Forex I read, the more profitable my trades were. Of course, sometimes I wasn’t success, but the majority of trades were quite profitable. So, after 3-months’ Forex-training I have decided to open the live account.

At first it was easy technically, but not psychologically. Losing money is always unpleasant. Therefore, the deposit wasn’t big and I hadn’t a great fear of losing it. I’ve got my money placed on my account and then began to trade. Following recommendations of different guides, I tried to keep too a condition of spirit which I had when trading on demo account. But that was a hard thing to do. From the first steps, which seemed to me very accurate and logical, I started to roll downwards. I lost my deposit in a very short period of time, and my account was blocked. Now, being a Forex signals provider with 5 years experience, I’m looking back at it with a smile. But at that moment it was a real shock for me. The only desire I had after such a shameful failure was to throw my plan away and to forget a word “Forex” forever. But I have not backed down.

After short training on a demo account I made a second attempt to trade at Forex market. That time I spent a great amount of time on finding, understanding and analyzing my mistakes. I also tried to study successful traders’ Forex signals and methods of trading. I began to look at the market from completely different side. Some time was also spent on learning to control emotions and studying psychology. As the result, I could be called Mr. Composure. And business has improved greatly. My trading system and its Forex signals started to bring me profit. My strategy is based on reception of the profit at a minimum risk. I understand that such methods of trading won’t bring millions, but they allow me to have quite good income. So, be self-confident, never step back, analyze your mistakes and you’ll certainly be a success.


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