Gta IV – Nice game, fun and multiplayer

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I want to tell you something about GTA IV (Grand Theft Auto) This is the newest version of GTA, there are also expansions called lost and dammend. Gta IV is one of the most coolest games on the Xbox, you got many options like online multiplayer and many more.

What is GTA?
For people who don’t know what GTA is. Gta is like real life, you can walk in a city but you can do every thing what you can’t in real life. Like flying, driving cars, shooting etc. It’s very fun. It’s one of the most popular games on the world I guess, and it’s also one of the best sold games ever.

The location is very big, the location is called LIberty city, you can do many diffrent things in this game, like flying, driving shooting. In this gta there is not a plane, so there are only helicopters now. In San Andreas (older Gta) there is a plane. It’s also very funny to fly around. In this game there are many diffrent weapons, every weapon has is own good thing, so that’s very nice. In this game you also get taxi’s if you see a taxi you can flute to it and it will stop for you and bring you to your destination.

You also got a mobile in this game, you can use it for communication with your girlfriend and other friends, you can meet them to buy some good weapons for cheap. If you have a girlfriend you can meet with her in a club or something, you got many diffrent clubs like cabaret strib clubs and much more. Of course you also got radio in this game, to listen to music or something.

Single Player:
In the Single player mode you have to complete a story, you got many kinds of missions, like following cars or chase cars and kill the guys. So that’s very cool, you got many places to walk and to drive. In single player you can also get achievements for gamescore (Xbox). You can also do missions with bank robing, when you finished one you get money, and with money you can buy weapons armor and food of course to heal yourself. Sometimes the mission are very hard, because you have to make dessisions, if you make a smart dession it’s good for you but if it’s hard the game could be very hard later, but it’s still fun. You can’t play mission mode with multiplayer. If you shoot many police you will get 6 stars, that means you get CIA behind you, but not the army, like in San Andreas. And after that you can lose yout police, but it’s still fun.

In this game there is also a multyplayer option, (online) this is very fun you can do free mode with a max of 16 players in a game. There are also other kinds of multyplayer games, like killing cops of let explode something with placing a bomb. Beside you can play world wide you can also play with friends. You can get stars for police and kill the police it’s very funny. You can also do Team deadmatch with Gta, it’s also funny. Of course you can also race, you can race with diffrent machines, like boats, cars, helicopters. I like Helicopters at the most because it’s so much fun.

My opinion:
I like this game very much, I spend like more then 10 days on it I guess, because it’s so much fun to play online with friends, for online you need gold. Also the Single player mode is a big experience but it’s really worth to buy it because there it’s so nice. The graphics are very good I guess, it’s a big game with good graphics, and it’s also easy to play if you know the controls. If you are new to Xbox I really recommend it to you because it’s nice. The sound is also very good, shooting sounds sounds good very good. And I really enjoyed the playing. I think everyone who has a Xbox must buy this game. And in my opinion there aren’t many bugs in this game, buty ou still got some funny glitches buty ou have to find them yourself. Because there are so many options in this game! So it’s really worth it!


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