Age of Empires 3 – Nice, fun action and multiplayer

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Age of empires lll is a great game, in this game you have to build an army and you have to kill the other guy and kill his whole stam. In this game you have many diffrent guys, like dutch people, french, germans and many more of them!
Every kind of guys have his best thing, like fighting defence and more. Beside that if you want more you can buy an expansian pack and after that you have chinese people or indians or something like that. In this game you can attack by canons soldiers or boats. You have many diffrent of them big boats or smalls. You also have to collect food, gold and wood to build your houses for your settles and your army.

There is one disadvantage about this game there is a maximum of 200 population. So you can build max 200 guys. But that’s not a problem. 
There are also cheats for this game, but when you cheat is not good.
There are a few diffrent kind to play you can do adventure (is like career or something) you can play campaign that’s just for the fun. You can also playonline if I am right.

Ofcourse you can also make your own scenario’s that’s very cool because you can put whatevery ou want in the map like many gold animals and more. 
As I already said there are also some expansian packs that’s very cool because you have more weapons buildings and other things. This game is made for everybody I think because it’s a little bit a tactic game.
This game is maded for Windows based systems and for Mac. So you can play it on both OS’s. If I am right there are more Expansion packs for Windows. The expansion packs are very fun and has many diffrent things then before so that’s very cool! It really works fine. I really recommend you to have a normal video card and not to bad, if you have bad video card this game will the the worst game ever for you. You can also play this game over the network with some friends that makes this game also a good game. Really liked it!

My opinion: I liked this game very much, I play it hours and days because it was such a nice game. as I already said there is one disadvantage because there is a limit of population. And it’s cool to build an army and destroy the other village!
I hoped you liked my review ! 🙂


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