How to Automate your Twitter Account

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Looking to automate your twits, and gain followers fast? I have gained over 400 followers in just 1 week using the following websites. All are free of course, and I have not had to do anything except watch my followers rise.

There seems to be one affiliate who shows how he gained X followers in so many days, and then charges $27 dollars for said information, and then of course you could be an affiliate and help sell this information and get part of the profits. I did not pay for the information, I just happened to find out by doing searches and putting the pieces together. So if you want to automate your twitter and use that to push folks to your articles here on this is how.

If you do not have a twitter account already, you need to sign up for one. Go to and sign up.

First site is – this will only allow you to auto follow on 5 keywords, but it will follow up to 15 people each time it runs. So you can pick 5 articles you want to push traffic too. You may think that by following others will not get you traffic, however those you follow talkig about your articles might follow you back and then as you will see later you will automate your messages and they will come look at your articles.

Now that you are starting to follow others, and they will start to follow back, you want to automate messages on your twitter account that talks about your articles. You can even grab information from rss feeds along your article lines, this way folks looking to follow others based on the topics you are tweeting about will want to follow you. The site where you go to automate your messages is you will be sending out messages automatically while you are away, and with those messages people will follow you. With just these 2 links you will start to gain followers even in your sleep.

Now you want to auto follow those who follow you, and also send a thank you message to those who follow you. How do you do that? Well you head over to there are other things you can use this site for, but the main thing is to automate sending out direct messages to your new followers, and also auto following those who followed you. You can even set up several auto direct messages so that everyone does not get the same one. Pretty cool.

Ok, now you are pretty much 100% automated; there are other sites that have some interesting things that you might like, so I will list them here for you to check out. – HootSuite is the ultimate Twitter toolbox. With HootSuite, you can manage multiple Twitter profiles, pre-schedule tweets, and measure your success. – Another Find and Follow Twitterers with similar interests to you – automatically, for FREE! – Find folks tweeting based on a location you enter. – Feed your blog to your twitter account. – TweetDeck enables users to split their main Twitter feed (All Friends) into columns allowing a broader overview of tweets. – Post messages to all your social sites with just one message! Way cool. – You can create your own online radio station, well just music you cannot talk, but it is still fun and you can also put your ehow site info. You can listen to mine here – see how you are doing in terms of followers to your twitter account, it even ranks you. Currently I have 456 followers and I am ranked 59,918. Not bad in just 2 weeks. Predication shows me to have over 1k followers in 30 days. Look me up here


Have fun, do what you enjoy, and remember to post tweets live when you can. The automation is for when you are not able to post tweets. I sure hope you liked my ehow on this topic. Feel free to follow me on twitter if you like, name is iowac.


Do not send direct messages to new followers with advertisements; use it as a hello and thanks for the follow. Those that follow me will get one of a few different messages that I try to make interesting and funny, something I would send to them anyway, not to get them to buy something.


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