How to Take Control of Your Psoriasis

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 When most folks think of treating Psoriasis they usually speak of topical treatment, lotions, tars, cream etc. What most never realize is that Psoriasis is a reaction to something going on internally?

The best way to think about it is someone who breaks out in hives if they eat a food they are allergic too. Now think about if they continued to eat that food item for several days, what do you think their skin might look like? Certainly it would be way worse than just some hives, and do you think putting topical ointments would make the hives go away?

I certainly can speak from personal experience, my psoriasis started when I was just 15 years old, and it seemed the more that I went to the dermatologist the worse it got with those light treatments. At one point I was about 90% covered, I could take a bath with cooking oil, be somewhat relieved for about half the day until it was too painful to bend my arms, or legs. I walked like I was 80, and of course the mess. My social life was non-existent.

I finally got some relief when I went to UCSF and started on methotrexate, finally I was clear, but at the cost of potentially damaging my liver. During the time that I was taking methotrexate I had 2 liver biopsies.

By the mid year of 2000 I moved to Canada, that is where my wife is from, we were not married at that point. I no longer had medical insurance as I was running her fathers pet store, so I had to find a way to keep my Psoriasis in control.

This is where I give you the steps that I have been using since the year 2000 to keep my Psoriasis in control, not always 100% clear, but certainly for me nothing near what I had, and the best part at no cost to my liver or health.

Things you will need:
Clenzol 7 system daily detox
Jumpsuit that is waterproof (plastic gym type)
Shower cap
Lotion no perfumes, hypoallergenic
Olive oil/Canola oil

As I stated in the beginning Psoriasis is a reaction from something that is going on internally, the Natural Balance Clenzol 7 system daily detox (I found this while living in Canada) will help rid your body of toxins that are causing the reaction. Remember Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease and is over reacting. I can personally say that for me it is yeast, if I eat too much white bread I get flare ups. If you look at the ingredients of the Clenzol and do some research on each you will find that many have great benefits for skin issues also.

The detox is what you need to order first, now the only thing is I have yet to find a place to get it here in the United States, but I have found one site in Canada you can get a bottle for $19.99 plus shipping, here is the link you can start the next steps while you wait for you clenzol to arrive.

 Now what you will need if you don’t have one already is a vinyl sweat suit. If you do not have one go to Ebay and do a search on vinyl sweat suit. If you have heavy plaques on your scalp a shower cap also. Once you have the suit and or shower cap, you will use Vaseline for the Psoriasis on your body and olive oil/canola oil on your scalp at night or if you prefer when at home during the day for a few hours. Not only does the suit and cap keep the Vaseline and oil on your skin/scalp, but you also do not have to worry about getting it on your clothes or furniture. This is truly the best way to knock down the heavy plaques. Do this daily if possible to start and as the plaques decrease you can decrease using the suit/cap.

 After you take the suit/cap off (few hours is usually good if using during the day) you will want to take a bath, if you do not have a bath tub you can shower, however soaking in a nice hot bath with either some olive oil or canola oil will help the process even further. Usually one or two caps full of oil in the water are enough.

After getting out of the bathtub, you will pat dry and then use the non-scented hypoallergenic lotion.

You are now taking control of your Psoriasis from the inside and the outside. With in a few weeks you should really start to feel and see a difference. I have been able to keep my Psoriasis under control for many years this way, and my body and liver thank me for not taking highly toxic drugs like methotrexate anymore. I hope this helps, as I truly know how emotionally and physically drained Psoriasis can make you feel. Please send me feedback if you do take the above steps I sure would love to hear from fellow Psoriasis sufferers that this helps.

Oh, and yes I am now living back in the United States, since 2003.


  • Try doak oil in place of olive/canola oil in the bath, have not found in the U.S but again can get in Canada here is one link I found that has it. Get the Doak Oil Forte (strong) –
  • Be mindful of things you eat, if you get a break out, try to remember what you at the past few weeks, better yet keep a journal once you are clear on what you eat, that way if you break out over time you can see what foods are the same before you get a break out.
  • Adjust the clenzol to body size, for me I started on the suggested dose, to be sure that it did not upset my stomach, but due to me being a larger size person I took 6 daily instead of 4, this helped a lot as 4 did not seem to do much but 6 did the trick.
  • If getting in the sun seems to help, you can also visit a tanning bed salon, use baby oil after. This helps my brother, but for me tanning/sun does not seem to help my psoriasis.


  • Avoid being sun burnt, this typically causes your immune system to kick in and go in to overdrive making your psoriasis worse.
  • Same thing with skin injuries, scratches, cuts etc.
  • Colds can even cause breakouts, due to the immune system.

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