The Banyan Tree

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The Banyan Tree

I am the Banyan Tree,

I am older than all thee,

I am centuries old,

But still not out and bold,

More valuable than gold,

I cannot answer exactly how old I am,

But I can narrate what happened in my life span,

The trunk is my body,

The wide spread branches are my head,

But my legs are in hundreds.

Whether you believe me or not,

I am the head of my family,

In legal parlance they call me as Kartha,

Of my sons and grandsons,

Who are my offshoots,

Emanating from all my branches,

Reaching out the ground on all my sides,

Keeping my family strong, intact and wise,

Helping each other by all means,

Though my family gets more and more members every year,

Till date my family remains joint and undivided,

As strong as ever,

And we always remain united.

Now I reside in a cosmopolitan city,

Surrounded by skyscrapers,

I have become a landmark,

To the people living nearby,

I really feel sorry

For my present state of affairs,

No any other vegetation nearby

To give us any company,

My neighbors are humans

Who are the so called aliens,

In fact it was these aliens

Who had destroyed our neighbors

When I simply remained a helpless silent spectator,

Hence I always keep aloof,

From these dangerous human species

And never move out of my place.

Gone are the days

When I was pre-eminent,

I was governed by the principle

Live and let live,

When I gave asylum to hundreds of aliens

Beneath my shadow,

And also to the innumerable creatures

However, still I am munificent

To permit the aliens and other creatures

To take rest beneath us

During  the summer season.

I have three faces,

During summer I shed all my leaves,

It is during spring I am brimming with green leaves,

During winter and the rainy season I simply hibernate.

When I was young and newly married

I was actually worried

Over my fruits and seeds,

Which were so small and insipid,

But I could understand the secret of creation

Only when aliens began to take shelter under my shadow;

Had the fruits been larger and fell upon them

All those aliens and creatures would have lost their lives,

And I would have been saddled with a lot of sins

Disabling  me to reach my heaven.


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