Relationships and Its issues

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You should lay back one day and think to yourself ‘why’..Why does she/he get angry when i have done my all, doesnt she/he realize that im trying, cant she/he see that im doing my best. Well think no more because the answer has been sitting right under your nose this whole time. Maybe the things your doing are only being done because you figure if done they might please her/him. When you stop trying to please her/him and start trying to please US thats when you will notice what you had to do all this time wasn’t so big after all. The small things in life are what really counts, you should take time and reconsider that everything you are doing may not be pleasing her/him because it doent come from the heart but comes from the mind. When you actually start using your heart instead of you mind you will begin to do things that you spouse will be more grateful for. Some couples just like their significant other to do nothing but to pay attention to the small things. How bout the next time she/he goes to work you prepare her/him a meal and then clean the house…these may seem like a llot but actually saves you allot and are more noticable then the regular expensive dates and the extra puchases. Take more time to figure out wat you and your spouse are missing from each other and the small things will come out. Then and only then will you and her/him will be satisfied.


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