Golden Spike casino and hotel review in Vegas

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Golden Spike hotel is a small casino, hotel in downtown Las Vegas. It’s right on freemont street. It’s in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. Downtown las vegas is near the strip. You can drive over to the strip any time. Downtown is a little old and not so pleasant. You might run into homeless, people on drugs or call girls. The sight is not pretty sometimes. The casino is now being renovated. It used to be very old and people left a lot of negative reviews but now they’re getting better review. the casino is doing much better. It’s not like how it was. They have a very low price for room which is why people wanted to stay here. They’re the cheapest in town. Their room is around $30 a night. This is great for people who needs to stay longer and want to explore LV or for business. It’s worth the saving. Since they’re renovating it, it’ll be much better now. The casino is very small. They have slot machine but they’re very small winnings available. It could be around $200. They do have table games coming up.

They’re still under a little bit of construction which is great since construction could help their business. It’s much newer and nicer now. This is great because who would want to stay at an old hotel. They want a nicely decorated hotel room. They want to feel great when they’re coming to Vegas. There’s a small parking lot in the back. There’re plenty of parking lots. The drinks are really cheap. It could be from a $1 to $5. You would really love to drink here. They have a full bar with friendly bartenders. They also have a small dining room with great food. There are a lot of blue collar locals hanging out in there. There’re security guards too.


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