Car review: AC Propulsion EBOX

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Ok folks, why on earth is GM getting so much attention for their VOLT car, which claims 40 miles on 1 charge, sure it then kicks over to gas which you can then go a total of about 400 miles, averaging about 50 miles to the gallon. That’s pretty cool, however the main reason the VOLT is not slated to be at your local auto dealer until late 2010 is due to the technology with the batteries they are using.

I say huh wha? Why? Because there is a company in California called AC Propulsion that can convert a Scion XB, which they call the EBOX into a 100% fully electric vehicle that can get 100 to 120 miles on a single charge. SAY WHAT? Yeah 100 to 120 miles per charge, using laptop batteries.

The price of the EBOX is 55k to convert the car, and that is not including the cost of the Scion XB. But in terms of pricing, GM’s Volt car slated for the market in 2010 if they are still in business will probably be around that same price range.

This brings me to my next thought, which is what I have been saying for quite sometime, the government instead of just throwing cash at everyone should recognize companies like AC Propulsion and their converted EBOX product. Offer people who trade in their regular gas car for the EBOX a huge rebate, say gee 50k rebate, you pay for your Scion XB, plus 5k to AC Propulsion the government pays 50k for the remaining 55k to AC Propulsion.

What does this do?
1. It gets many gas vehicles off the road
2. It will create many jobs for AC Propulsion and all the companies that it buys parts from
3. Hello reduces the demand for oil!
4. We do not have to wait until the GM Volt release date of 2010, its available today.
The firsrt EBOX was delivered to Tom Hanks who said “I still have a Toyota RAV4 EV and never spent a penny on gasoline for it, what AC Propulsion is doing is fantastic. I drove their tzero electric sports car a few years ago, so when they put the same technology in a four-door I wanted one for myself. It has double the range, goes fast, uses Li Ion batteries, and is incredibly roomy and comfortable. Oh, and I will also never hat to put any gasoline into it!”
It is unreal how GM can not deliver, and we wonder why they needed govt. money, seems to me we should have given the money to AC Propulsion, a small company who found a way to bring working electric vehicles to the market 3 years ago that actually get decent mileage from 1 charge. I highly recomend the EBOX as one of the top electric vehicles that can be purchased today, and even though the price is high right now, it will surely come down over time. The coolest part is that AC Propulsion takes items that are already on the market and converts them into this outstanding electric vechicle.


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