Is God a Alien?

Before I begin, this is just food for thought, I am a Christian and do believe in god. This is me just thinking about what if.

So the question is, what if God is really an alien? Would this make more sense to some? Depends on if you believe in UFOs and life other that on earth. I have pondered this thought in my head and it certainly could make sense if you look at all the things from the past and of course if you think there is a god and aliens from other planets/worlds.

God being a life form, has learned to survive and live forever. What created him you ask? That is something I can not comprehend, or begin to put here as I feel that we have no way of ever understanding in our life form.

I do think that if God is a alien, that certainly he could have planted DNA on this planet, and if you think about how far humans have come in mapping DNA and understanding it, being able to create clones etc. we are on the verge of being able to create new life from nothing. This may sound scary at first, as there are always good and bad things about power of this magnitude. That being said, how far off are we from being able to blast a planet with a capsule that will transform it into a earth type planet, better yet how far are we from being able to create a planet of our own?

It is said that God created us in the like form of himself, so if we believe in both God and UFOs and aliens, then could God not be a alien, maybe he is coming to see how his children are doing, well if you want to call us that, his seedlings of DNA he planted here, after creating the planet. There are many things that certainly could match.

If you were to go back in time and tell people from the time of Jesus about the things we can do today, and show them what we can do, I am sure you would be seen as a miracle worker, or some sort of God. We as mankind are on the verge of being able to control how long we live, with the mapping of DNA and stem cell research I strongly feel that it will not be long before we can repair any organ in the body, or just grow a new one. The only way you might die is if your physical body was destroyed. If that should occur then your spirit would still live on, until we can understand how to re-capture the spirit and then transplant it into another physical body, if that is of your desire.

So what do you think? Could God be an alien?

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