Invaders Must Die – The Prodigy Album Review

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! To all Rave enthusiasts, this ends your period of waiting! You are about to discover something great and different as I unravel the most exciting news of the year: The Prodigy’s newest album – Invaders Must Die! Boom! (Hysteria breaks…)

Come to think of it, it is like something that cracks out loud that causes you to wake up hysterically from your sleep. Well, fact is, it happens, especially when there’s a news such as great as this being told. When you talk about big beat electronic dance genre, you are referring to the pioneer,The Prodigy, who was able to transform, reform and achieve mainstream popularity in the 1990s. Now, after a 5 year sleep (just like Eminem), comes their much-awaited album, Invaders Must Die.


Invaders Must Die sees the comeback of Keith Flint and Maxim, assisting Liam Howlett in transporting their listeners back in time (meaning the 1990s) while keeping the sound up to date. Isn’t that amazing? Bringing two worlds together, making them as one. Bringing past to present is not a simple matter. Rarely a group such as them involved in this genre could come up with one great album with an instantaneous effect: skull pounding music!

The track that is filled with resounding beats, synthesized lines, and takes you to a euphoric high is their new label “Take Me to the Hospital.” This heart-pound track nevertheless captures the classic Prodigy aggression while having a touch of modern sound. Not only this song resonates what The Prodigy is all about, but the album itself. Invaders Must Die is packed with the elements of classic rave synth stabs, breaks, techno, electro, big beat mixed with heavy punk and industrial elements, and pitch-shifted vocals but with a twinge of modern touch. Those who are fans of the Prodigy would know better what they are up to when they listen to the album’s entirety.

Considering the whole album’s personality, Invaders Must Die is not so bad for a comeback album. The Prodigy is simply declaring that they are back.

To get the list of tracks, click here.


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