How to Switch Your Dog’s Food

Finding a quality kibble that works for your budget and your dog is an arduous task and often can be trial and error until you find something that works. It is never a good idea to stop feeding one kibble immediately and abruptly switching to a new one. This can cause your dog significant digestive distress. He may experience stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea while adjusting to the food changes. Not all dogs are quite this sensitive to food changes, however, enough of them do experience one or more of these symptoms that a gradual change is always the safest bet. Follow these steps to gradually wean your dog off the old food and onto the new.

In cases where there has been a dog food recall due to contaminated food, do not hesitate to switch your dog cold turkey. The temporary discomfort your dog might experience is nothing compared to the repercussions of eating contaminated food.

Take your time and introduce the new dog food over the course of seven days.

For the first three days, mix two thirds of the current food with one third of the new food. You may have to play with the amount as the two foods may have different caloric values and therefore having different feeding recommendations. When in doubt you want to go with calories. Make sure your dog is still within the recommended daily caloric intake for his size even when feeding the combined food.

Days four through six mix one third of the current dog food with two thirds of the new dog food.

By the seventh day your dog will be completely on the new food.

It could take several tries before you find a food that your dog enjoys and does well on. Keep notes on your dog’s reaction to the changes as it can be helpful if you happen to have an extremely sensitive or picky canine companion.

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