Self-massage Techniques for Headache

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Self-massage techniques are very good techniques for people who work sitting, under pressure, automatic activities, for people with infectious diseases, etc.

Self-massage techniques decreases the headache, the fatigue, the weakness.

These are the main muscles which reacts with stiffness of pressure and tension and need to be massaged.

The result is right away, the working capacity is increased too.

The acupressure points of head increase the blood circulation and make the organs of head to work better.

These techniques reduced the fatigue and make the working day easier.

The most important points of the head are:

The acupressure point GB 20 is located on Gall Bladder Meridian which is one of the 14 meridians in human body.

This point is located in a depression of bone hill behind the ear.

The technique includes palpation, pressure, circle massage for a minute

Not every kind of pain should be treated with massaging this point, but pain in the nape of muscle origin reacts very good of treating it.

There is a point in the middle of the temple in a depression.

There are three points in the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the eyebrow.

There is another point between the eyebrows. It’s very important point against vomitting.

1,5 cm above the middle of the eyebrow there is another point.

One of the most important point of for the head blood circulation is located on the top of the head when the line of the top of ears crosses the middle line of the body.

Each point is treated around a minute.

People should know this point and treat themselves as first aid.


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