Self-massage Techniques for Feet

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Self-massage techniques are very good method for decreasing tension after long day working and being on high heel shoes.

These techniques are very simple and doesn’t demand training.

Doing the movement showed on the video you will fell relaxed after 5-6 minutes of self-massage.

The technique includes massage of fingers, sole, back of the foot, heel, around the ankle.

On the foot is projected the whole body. There are specific organs for each organ of the body.

Doing this foot massage, we reflectively massage the whole body and prevent ourselves from different type of diseases.

The foot massage could be provided by somebody else too. And the the expressions are different and much better. The touch of somebody else gives positive energy to the treated person. And if the therapist is Reiki healer the positive effect is increased several times.

The applyed techniques are the same as self-massage:

The massage starts with classical Swedish massage for foot and ankle.

After it comes zonotehrapy of the whole foot with accent of painful points.

After that comes some mobilization of the joints of the foot. The joints are source of energy in the body. This includes finger joints, sole joints and ankle joints.

Here can be applyed some Thai massage techniques of foot, which is deep muscle massage for the the main muscle groups of the sole and calf.

The foot massage ends with some stretching techniques for the foot and anterior, posterior and lateral muscle groups of calf.

The full massage last around an hour, but every therapist could perform it for less or longer time, which depends on the demands of the client.


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