How to organize your work day at home – 5 top Tips

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Want to work from home but not quite sure of how to go about it? Check out and follow these five top tips of mine and see if you can change your life around with working in the comfort of your own home.


One of the MOST IMPORTANT points in this type of new arrangement is goal setting. I can’t stress this loud enough. The importance of setting goals,both short and long term , is essential to your homeworking experience and this is what you need to sort out in your mind before you get down to the practical nitty gritty.

Fundamentally speaking what has worked for myself is looking at both my assets and liabilities. I will give an example. You have internet thus have an internet bill you need to pay monthly. Let’s start with month 1 then and say you want to earn enough money online to cover your internet bill. So this can be your first goal.

After clarifying this in your mindset then you can sort out your daily goals and what you want to achieve on a daily basis.


Now we know how we can get lazy if we don’t have a nasty boss ramming his head down our throats so to speak and getting lethargic won’t get us any where. HOW NOT TO PROCRASTINATE is to ‘pretend’ you are in an office while you are working at home. Set a time schedule for the day but it doesn’t have to be nine to five of course as this is what you want to get away from. You work out the hours that suit you around your lifestyle but try to stick to a certain discipline, especially in the beginning. Work out how many hours a day you realistically want to spend on your home working then set out a time table. Write in a diary what you want to achieve for the day and keep to it.


Try to make a corner for yourself at home that is comfortable and where you won’t be disturbed and this means even putting on the answer machine so you don’t get bombarded by phone calls that are not urgently needing your attention. Also very important is your posture so an ergonomic chair is a must in order not to develop back and neck pain.


Taking regular breaks at hourly intervals is a must in this line of work. This will aid both in your concentration and productivity levels. So some exercise in between or getting into some physical chores done will be a good option to keep you balanced. You can even make hourly groupings of your work load, for example you can click on sites for an hour then in another hourly session you can do your writing, then say your research or marketing. Breaking up your day in hourly sessions will really give you a boost and you will produce more like this than by working long stretches without a break.


Make sure your nutritional needs are met with lots of purified drinking  water and fresh fruit at hand. This is essential for your general well being and long term aspirations. Looking after your brain and the rest of your body is just as important as making those extra bucks online.


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