Simple Household Techniques Of Maintaining Granite Countertops

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Granite is a pretty expensive material thus you don’t want your countertops to be in a spoiled condition. Thus what you need to do is to keep a few things in mind to keep your granite countertop look as good as new forever. Not much effort and money is required for maintaining a granite countertop if you follow a few household techniques always.

For maintenance one thing you need to care about is that you should have a little knowledge about the type of granite you are using. Also always avoid bad habits when it comes to working on it. Always remember that soil can be rasping and thus can easily and rather quickly damage up granite. Thus make sure that you keep your countertop clear of any dirt and wreckage. Regular polishing can also be a lot of help if consistent cleaning of the countertop isn’t possible for you (that is when you are a little lazy).

A little bit of damage here and there is often not taken care of. But these small damages with time can result into big damage to your granite. Therefore whenever there is an even a minute damage make sure that it is repaired in time. Most of the people think that granite needs a lot of care and sealing should be done frequently. This is not true though; going for sealing twice in a year is more than enough.

Now lets talk about what kind of solutions to use for cleaning the countertop. Please make sure that the cleaning solution being used is specially designed for granite only. Most of the general cleaners have acidic pH, which can acts as an abrasive, so a cleaner with a neutral pH is always ideal.

Irrespective of how much care you take of your countertops it is possible that minor damages will occur. Sometimes such damages occur which can be seen only after a while. Most common situation is when a pot is kept over the countertop for a while and after it is removed it leaves a spot. Such spot not only ruin the appearance but also cause severe damage by letting bacteria and other microorganisms to collect all this while. Such spots can be removed by steel wool. But such a thing should be done with utmost care because cleaning with steel wool can always leave chips or cracks behind.

Contrary to popular beliefs granite does not support   bacteria formation unless it is properly sealed so make sure while installation of the granite countertop the sealing is done properly. And if it has not been sealed before installation then make sure you do it yourself. All you need to do is spray the sealer all over the surface of the granite and wipe it. Then just let it dry for sometime.

Now that you have seen that it is really easy to maintain granite, I think you will be able to maintain the beauty of your kitchen countertop for a long long time.


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