If a monkey farts does it smell like bananas?

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I picked this little nuggest up from my local Britsh Heart Foundation shop for £1.50 last week, and despite not having read through it all, I feel I’ve read enough to get the general jist of the book. 

The book is done by the folks behind “Old Git” magazine and the answers to the questions put foreward by their readers (who also put forward the answers through the book). For those who have never read Old Git (such as myself) the humour seems to be relatively juvenile (just look at the title), but yet not nasty humour. 

The questions in the book range from the bizarre to the incredibly interesting, such as the opening question “Are there any undiscovered colours?” to (this is random as I’m just flicking through the book) “Is there any other words for synonym?” (a word that means the same word as…), the answer this this is apparently not. To the brilliant “Im afraid my girlfriend is not satisfied in bed. How normal is this and is there anything I can do?”…this in turn seemed to have been a prank letter put forward by the “writers” mates, who in turn write in and deny it. Typical lad humour. 

Although I could well end up copying all 102 questions (I believe thats right) from the book with a smile on my face for everyone of them I’ll stop where I am. The book is written with good banter type humour and seems to be pretty much all to be written by the magazines readers as opposed to the “writers” (Jon Butler and Bruno Vincent). 

I’ll make some assumptions at this point, readers of the magazine will know exactly what to expect, their humourus letter pages used to create a book that will appeal wonderfully to them. To those out side of the loop, it could appeal if you’ve a childish sense of humour, or one that wants to know more and giggle with it. The same day I bought this I bought a QI book (based on the TV show) which I feel would make a good complimentary book to this, as thats pretty much the smart version of this. In other words, look on this book, if you like QI but it makes you feel stupid, also if you like things like Viz’s letters page then this should appeal to you as well. With silly jokes “How do dogs smell?” “Terrible” slipped in from the letters proving there is some innocent humour. 

However if your easily offended, or feel that “silly” humour isn’t for you then stay away, the book will offend those of a sensitive nature. The title alone should give off the distinct idea that it’s not going to be totally pleasant language wise, with the odd swear word slipping in here and there. I know some will be put off by that but personally I’m not I find words there to be used as the writer/s want. 

Still flipping through the book as I write I found this gem “My best mate reckons that if he eats the right foods, he can do a hollow turd. Is he telling the truth?” So use that as the basis of whether you will like it or not. The humour is verging on (and in fact some cases totally) toilet humour, which whilst limited, does suit a 180 or so page book. Though the RRP of £7.99 would make it a rip off, and anyone willing to pay that would fall into the “whats a nice word for an idiot?” question (no it’s not in the book). 

To be honest there are better humour books, but this is a nice addition to any catalogue of them, where you can just flick to any page and have a giggle. Theres no narrative of such (barring the answers of the questions) so you can feel free to start from anywhere in the book, and after a read through you will quickly fall in love with certain Q + A’s whilst other will seem entirely pointles. Though overall I have enjoyed what I have read, I can see why the book is short and why it could well be finished in a day or two if your that way inclined.


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