My Life is like Sorrow and Sunny Days on Political Nonsense& Religion

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My Life be like…whoo wah…

People have probably heard of this song, and wonder” That Much money, can give me that much happiness” life is crazy in many different ways.
The Things we write about, offering some kind of critition in what we speak of. Words that have no meaning, sounds that havee no ending. God said we must atone for our sins. God said that eeryone is a sinner.
Heart of religion has been long recognize to be truly worsipped. not religion has a peace, always chaos, to fight for superior reasons. Anarchy has the use of changing a city, but a nation, because the nation will stop all that trespass into calimity, the calimity of justice lies within blood. Shed not a tear for those who bring sorrow onto themselves, but shed a tear for those have sorrow, I cant remember who wrote this, for all that I’ve know in a couple of years was questionable. my question now remains on facts about me.”What blood-type I am” “What time was I born” “Where will I go when I die” My Feelings and emotons these things require time and understanding. I feel in Love for the first time, the emotion was glory to me, but the pain of judging others before myself was not the correct way.”There is No Law, There is no Lord, what do toothers, we act in our selves, there is no Law” a quote I started using since 2007, “I am my own meaning, and my own understanding until those who seek me out, I remain still through mighty storm” I write things like thee because I am insane, but im mad with ideas and imagination, not mentally.

As We try to find our darkness, the choice still remains do we eliminate our darkness, in terminology, do we kill apart of our selves? “there can  only be peace with glory, but cannot be achieved without chaos, and without chaos there is no Evil, without Evil there are none to stand against it, and if there is no one, there is no Law”. I finally connected some of my ideas together, and the theorys on how life should be only make sense to me for some reason. The Blood coursing through my veins lies explaination. Am I ignorant of what Knowledge I seek or am I ignorant of want has not been spoken? Some people called me crazy, a scholar with no boundaries, or a Pathological Liar on my beliefs. “There can be only fruit if the harvester has the tools of faith in it’s crop, the fruit does not neccesarily taste sweet, if the faith was on what he saw, and not what he believed in”. I read the bible sometimes, and i read only a few pages then stopped. I went to Revelations, and began to read to legends humans has cast upon us.” An Beware of the Harlot who sits on the Beast of many heads, for she has swallowing mens Souls” I cant quite remember what it says, but I know that has made me question my faith as a christian. so when I was 15 years old, I left being a worshipper, and became my own blessing, at the age 19 now, it has worked out just  as normal, if not better. I am not here to Judge or to say you shouldnt believe in what you believe in, I am here only say how I look at life for me. 


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