Stop Excessive Sweating With These 3 Killer Tips!

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Looking to stop excessive sweating?  Now that it’s summer, many people are scrambling to find ways to bring down their perspiration levels as it’s quite embarrassing to have sweat stains on ones clothes.  If you find you sweat excessively, this is a condition which is known as Hyperhidrosis, it’s something which plagues over 8 million people in America alone!

If you’re looking for some quick solutions to this problem, try the following:

1.     Sweat Shields

While this may not stop excessive sweating, it will cover it up really well.  Sweat shields are adhesive and absorbent pads that when placed under your arms can absorb a great deal of sweat before it has a chance to hit your clothes and leave an unsightly stain.

You can’t find these in stores, however you can most definitely find them online at places like Amazon or Ebay.

2.     Wear Cotton

Another way to help reduce your perspiration is by only wearing natural fibers like 100% pure cotton.  If you wear any synthetic fibers, this will only contribute to the problem and make things worse.  Wear breathable fabrics like cotton or wool only and beware of blends, nothing but pure cotton will do.

3.     Wear Light Colors

Now I know that black does a great job of hiding sweat stains, but truth be told, it will only make your sweating condition worse!  This is because the color black absorbs sunlight better than any other color, as such, you’ll wind up sweating all the more.  Go with lighter colors to reduce the amount of heat your clothes absorb.

So if you want to stop excessive sweating, make sure you follow the above tips, they should help out.  If you want a permanent solution however, it’s best to look into a more long term and proven solution.  Click here to find out how to stop sweating and start living.


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