Lay background for your future career early on

When you start applying for your first real job, you have to shine through the crowd, especially in times when the job market is becoming more and more tough. We will help you with tips to add those extra lines to your CV, and obtain invaluable skills.

  • Go to study abroad at least for one semesteer. If you are a European, opt for Erasmus exchange program. Otherwise, check what your university offers. For best experiences, try out something overseas. Although, even in your neighbor country you are likely to have best times of your life, learn or improve a new language, gain international experience, learn to adjust to new situations. If studies abroad are not common in your country, you will be a messiah once you are back.
  • Participate in students organizations. Almost guaranteed fun, possibility to gain organisational and management skills, new friends, and an activity that will lay background for your future management positions.
  • Join organizations outside university, such as youth political parties. Yet another skill outside your study area, and a proof of you being active and full of initiatives. Commit to your choice, and this may be your new career path.

  • Go to summer schools. Anyone can confirm that those are full of adventures, opportunities to make new friends and have a summer romance. More than that, you can learn something new and different, and, once again, prove that you are restless and do everything for self-improvement.
  • Have your own pet project. If you are in IT, develop your little software, possibly together with your course friends. It could also be your web portal, or contribution to an open-source project. For non-techs, it can be anything from your volunteer initiative to event organisation to seminar to… The most important that you do what you are passionate about, and that you can show it off later.
  • Volunteer. Participate in youth organisations, work abroad, help disadvantaged children… the range of possibilities is wide, and the job will not only reward you by the feeling that you doing something good, but also by teaching you loads.
  • Write an original blog. Leave the story about yesterday’s party for your friends, and aim for wider audiences. Choose a topic that interests you. Find a yet undiscovered tech topic, present your small research topics, teach a rare language, write about something fascinating that you learn at school… Do it profesionally, and the blog will speak for you.
  • Take an extra job that can benefit to your CV. It is ok to get some cash from washing dishes, but it is much better to do something that relates to your studies, or is otherwise profesional. Ask your professors, if any help at university is needed. If you are in your last years, maybe you can even teach undergrads. Tutor school kids. Work in sales.
  • Be aware of the hot skills in your area. The highly reuired IT skills are listed here.

Most important: have fun while doing that!

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