The Church of Scientology A Group not Understood


Lately i have seen and heard alot about the Church of Scientology mainly because of it’s connection to Mr Tom Crusie the celebrity actor much adored by fans all over the world.This account is my own opinion and mine alone and having been a member of it’s elite group the Sea Org,i just want to write a little about the church and not so much my experience there.My account is one of an overview of the beliefs the church has upon it’s members and also what i see as it’s failure a failure that has led to it’s enigmatic not well understood or received profile by the world at large.

The Church of Scientology is very isolated,something that it works hard to be.It is secretive and tends to undermine other church groups by portraying itself as the only source of truth of authority on spirituality,morality,healing and ethics on this planet.There is no gray area within the group that agrees with any other doctrine other than it’s own and there is no room allowed to think otherwise,to disagree would land you on the ethics table.Scientology tries it’s best to isolate it’s members from the same kind of think as the world at large or should i say in the church’s term,Wog World,thereby making sure that one does not deviate from it’s teachings and thus this being the reason why most people view it as a cult.The church in itself is rigid and very controling ( something i found quite hard to understand since the church claims that most people on this planet,without it’s teachings are robots or act like robots which i found quite rediculous since it’s control factor made me feel like a robot to it’s teachings since one cannot be reasonable about the teachings or even question them,much like any other religion i guess but that is another story,right ) one might say to the point of being forcefull.When one joins up,the church makes a point of making sure that you stay in through its ethics programs which can be rigorous and consist mainly of it’s auditing,ethics write ups or manual labor.

Now being a member of the church does not come cheap.For one to climb up the bridge to super spiritual awareness,one will spend quite alot of money,i see this as part of the church’s pitfall and as sure as hell it angers alot of people because the tactics used in the persuit of money within the church which is very vigorous and relentless.When the Reg,as they are called comes after your money,you stand no chance of saying no.In my opinion the reason why the church chooses isolation,is because it’s teachings and beliefs are well,quite out there and most people will choose to shy away.For one,Scientology’s classification of humanity is thus.The Church defines the first as a GROUP and within this “group” is only the white or caucasian the rest of humanity is classified as MANKIND which i found very ridiculous,racist in nature and with a superiority complexity.This could be the reason why there is a great infux by the “GROUP” into the church and not the “MANKIND” and for those that are classified into the MANKIND group of humanity and are of african decent,well be happy because as the church points out,in your past cosmic time of existance in some place in this vast universe you were a space warrior with space ships and all causing all kinds of havoc in galaxies far,far away and i guess you existed as the Kligon of the Star Trek televison and movie series.So with this kind of beliefs,one can deduce that one has to be very much indoctrinated into the church as an individual in order for one to stick it out within the church and thus the isolation approach by the church.Build from within then expand to without.

The arractiveness of the church to an individual is it’s structure.It is made to look like a whole new world,which as a matter of fact is the case in all shape and form.The church makes one feel that they are part of something special with a signed contract of belonging with a purpose to make a difference on this planet.It makes one feel belonging to a group,a community of fellow beings and there is nothing more rewarding to a human being than the sense of belonging.It is also stuctured to welcome those with ambition or without ambition to want to be within its nest.Climbing up the organization board of the church is made to be very attractive to all and in my opinion,many stay inorder to fullfill their ambitions.

Now on the other hand the world organizations could learn alot from the church’s organizational skills,work ethics and how to structure themselves.The church’s educational system is also very well tailored and one does not master anything without being able to pass the application of what you study,you must be able to apply it in the real world.You do not pass a course by just passing a test,you must demostrate that you can apply your course of study.Each church organization is meshed up to be able to help the other grow and is also designed to allow a smooth co-existance,thus information is passed along each department or division uniformly.Mistakes along the way,if made are dealt with efficiently.The structure allows little room for error because each individual is always held accountable and the consequencies for a major flop are harsh.Work and educational ethics are held with outmost regard,with someone closely watching each individuals progress and i guess that is why the church has survived numerous attepts to dismantle it.So,as to the church’s belief factor one can conclude they are quite out there in a mist but some applicability in its organizational and educational teachings can benefit alot of people out there.

The Church of Scientology has a practical method in someways of teaching some people on how to survive better in life and when they teach,they make good of it but as in all organizations they too are prone to imperfections,hey! they are humans too even though they claim to have a method to teaching one to attain a higher form of existance and they do not have all the answers as they claim to have on the human condition which is very misleading.Also remember the church has a mission to “clear” the planet of it’s ills just like any other religious organization on planet earth.

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