The Best ways to get fit and in shape without the hassles and costs of a gym membership

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It is now the summer and the exciting run – up to the well awaited holidays and times of frolicking and basking in the sun and beach -side fun. We all want that dream beach body  from the dudes to the girls the beach body is almost a distant dream. To almost add insult to injury we are in the midst of a recession. That beach body however is not just a pipe dream and is well more than  achievable after all. As matter of fact it is waiting there for you!!! Gym membership is expensive  and the most basic of gym memberships can be as expensive as $60 or £85!!! Now that is a summer shocker.  Physical exercise and fitness is one of the best ways one can become healthy or healthier. Those who do exercise  do tend to be more healthier  and in much better shape than those who chose not to. Physical exercise however is said and proven to be a way not just of getting healthier , leaner and slender but it is also a way to relieve oneself of the daily stresses and troubles of day to day life Physical exercise can also make people more happier and acts as a way of psychological , emotional and physical improvement all rolled into one.  With Fitness it is a matter of exercise for the mind and spirti not just the body. However  Gym membership is expensive and for a start we are all shelling out well needed cash on the gym when you don’t need to at all. After all getting fit can be done without shelling out the cash. Because at the end of the day  as you get slimmer and toned so will your wallet or purse.  You can get fit without  the hassles of a gym membership and the added cost in these simple but very effective ways: 

  1. Simple exercises:   Some really simple exercises can be done at home or work. Exercises such as stair runs where you run up and down the stairs until your heart starts beating really fast is meant to be a cardiovascular exercise. Other simple exercises such as push ups, press ups, pull ups , jogging ,power-walking and brisk walking can also help out with CV(Cardiovascular) exercise.
  2. Cut it out:  You don’t have to stop your gym subscription completely as most gyms offer a pay as you go system where you pay for use of the gym and its facilities on an “as and when you use it”  basis. So you only pay when you use it. 
  3. The old Switcheroo: Instead of a costly gym subscription  you can instead use  your local community public leisure centre or swimming baths where you can use their “gym” facilities for as little as $15 or (£5 in the U.K)  a month or even as little as $5 or (£3 in the U.K) each time you use it and children and elderly people get to swim free!!!!   These places are much better than the local Gold’s Gym , Canons or Virgin Active. This option would be the best as if you go off to a leisure centre or swimming baths you  could still enjoy the social aspects that you get along with the gym. As probably most people tend to go to the gym for  the buzz they get from just “going along to the gym and pumping lead” , the social aspect also falls into place with this. 
  4. TV….TV…TV…TV :  Television can do it’s part  in our physical state and not just in assisting us in vegetating on the sofa in front of it  with a large bucket of snacks but there are many workout , aerobics, fitness, exercise, ab crunches and Pilates shows on the T.V on many channels in both the U.K and U.S.A and probably everywhere in the world. Such shows can especially found on the style network, Diva T.V , Sky real lives , Discovery Home and Health and other channels on  the digital , cable and satellite  television. So it just goes to show shoving yourself in front of the T.V doesn’t just give you love handles and those terribly somewhat depressing  old flabby babby bacon rolls  that we all  try to avoid.  There are many good DVD’S for sale to do with fitness from the likes of people such as Jane Fonda, Davina Mcall and Claire King. For these at good prices try Amazon either from the actual retailer site itself or sellers on the site under Amazon Marketplace as the second hand copies can be much cheaper and in pretty good condition even new.

So what are you waiting for don’t just stay there getting that nice slender body and wallet at the gym for high costs or  give up on exercise completely, try achieving fitness another way with these tips here. Thank you  for reading my practical guide here and happy fitness.


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