What is Asp? Hello World Program in Asp

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ASP stands for Active Server Pages; this is Microsoft’s Server side scripting technology.
Server Side scripts are set of instructions which are processed before sending the page to client’s web browser from server. It differs from HTML as it provides dynamic contents

When you type a URL in address box of a browser you are requesting server to send the specified file on your Browser. If the specified file is HTML then Server simply sends file.

If the specified file is ASP page(with .asp extension) then before sending this file to the client browser the server processes all the server side scripts contained in the page and what is showed in the visitor’s browser is a simple HTML-Document means you cant see the scripts by going to view source of browser.

 In Active Server Pages developers write intermixed html elements and scripts. These scripts are enclosed between opening and closing tags.Scripts can be inserted anywhere in the page. You can write these scripts in VBScript or Jscript.

Before you design an ASP application you must have installed Microsoft Internet Information Services or Microsoft Personal Web Server on your machine. Microsoft Personal Web server has limited functions compared to IIS, but it’s enough to develop ASP page.

You can check whether IIS server is successfully installed or not by entering http://localhost/ or In address bar of web browser. There should be page that tells more about Microsoft IIS.

 Now we are going to write the first program, Hello World.

we have enclosed a s line of VBScript within the opening and closing tags. It is Response.Write “Hello World” This statement displays the “Hello World” on the webpage.

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